MIT45 Gold Kratom Capsules 6 Ct


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The gold standard in capsules, packing more potency and greater consistency than the competition. MIT45®-Gold Caps contain all the full spectrum kratom extract of the Gold Liquid with the added benefits of white pepper, turmeric, and ginger.

Average Reported Usage Amount: 2 Capsules

Our kratom extracts and capsules are meticulously manufactured in a GMP-compliant laboratory, guaranteeing precise, pure, and consistent products, batch after batch. We start with only the highest quality plant material, sourced from among the best kratom partners in the world, and use proprietary processes to isolate and extract the kratom leaf’s natural alkaloids. We are proud to create unique and exciting products for you to enjoy!

To learn more about our GMP process, quality testing and Triple Purification process click here.

3 reviews for MIT45 Gold Kratom Capsules 6 Ct

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    I have been using the OPMS liquid kratom shots for over 3 years. They have been very ubiquitous where I live (Jacksonville, FL). It was only about a year ago I tried some of the MIT45 products. When I took the 2 capsule Gold product, I was extremely surprised! I didn’t expect much of anything, but without fail, in about a little over a half hour, Read more about review stating Very effective and surprisingly strong!the traditional kratom effects began to come on. The feeling was more of a energetic super charged energy shot than anything else. It actually took a little longer, but then the euphoric effects began to make themselves known. It was very surprisingly welcome since all I thought I was going to feel was the energetic effects. Maybe it’s just me, but the euphoric effects took about an hour or so to come on, and at that point I thought I had already felt all I was going to feel (which was good enough for me). The euphoria was a welcome side effect! Great product!

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  2. Kylej (verified owner)

    I am really excited to take these! The liquid is really good. I’ve taken the lower dose and they’re damn good!

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  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    I bought a (2) pack of Mit 45 at a gas station not expecting much. To my surprise it was quite effective. I could’ve handled more, but my pain was gone for 6 hrs and i got a nice relaxing euphoria.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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