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who is mit45?

There’s a difference between being in the world and living in it. MIT45 is dedicated to providing a different kind of life, one that inspires peace and magnificence for those who are fortunate enough to be on this journey with us.

Our employees work tirelessly to balance their personal lives with their professional responsibilities, maintaining an energized environment while also taking time for themselves. We want everyone around us to see not only how they can live a better life but how we embody what that looks like as well.

brand culture

In a community, it’s easy to forget that we all have our own significance and importance. We are not simply the sum of our parts; each individual contributes in their own way. For MIT45, it’s been an honor to remind people of this truth by providing a safe space for them to be themselves.

MIT45 is on a mission to inspire peace and magnificence in the world. We create innovative, exceptional products by sourcing high-quality materials and keeping our manufacturing standards high. We promote safety, respect, honesty, and accountability with our employees’ customers vendors all with whom we interact.

We don’t just create products, we change lives.

company culture


MIT45 is one of the country’s premier providers of Kratom featuring the finest line of Kratom products available on the market today. To best serve their diverse range of clients, MIT45 has built an internal team that reflects their clients and brings a variety of backgrounds and opinions to the table to help solve problems.


What makes the MIT45 company culture great is it’s centered on trust. The MIT45 team is comfortable and proud to share their unique professional and personal passions. MIT45 has found success in creating a culture based on authenticity and trust. We believe in celebrating the individual uniqueness of every member on our team. This creates a more inclusive environment where people can be frank with feedback and recommendations without fear of judgment or retribution.


Even more important than diversity, MIT45 builds an inclusive environment to ensure everyone feels comfortable and welcome no matter their background or experiences. The company offers leadership classes and mentorship opportunities to ensure new hires are matched with colleagues who want to mentor, making for a more productive work environment.