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Maeng Da is easily among the most popular kratom strains you will come across, with Green Maeng Da being one version of the strain. Given its popularity, it’s common to want to know more about the kratom strain, so take a closer look.

Maeng Da Kratom (Not Just Green)

Before looking specifically at Green Maeng Da, it’s helpful to understand more about Maeng Da in general. The most important thing to know is that the strain is known for its potency. It tends to have more of each Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine than most other strains.

In fact, the potency of Maeng Da is where it got its name. The name translates to “pimp grade” in Thai. That term is typically used pejoratively in Thai, as using the term to describe someone is akin to calling them amoral. Despite that, it is seen as a status symbol in the western world. Seeing the term “pimp grade” or Maeng Da on a kratom product gives people an idea of quality and potency.

What Does the “Green” Mean?

Now that you understand Maeng Da in general, what does the “Green” before the strain’s name mean? It refers to the color of the veins of the kratom leaves when they were harvested.

The color of the veins changes as kratom leaves mature, and this maturity affects how the kratom impacts users. So, the different colors will frequently have slightly varying effects.

For reference, white-vein kratom is the youngest, with green-vein kratom in the middle, and red-vein kratom being fully mature. White veins are frequently associated more with focus, while green veins are more commonly associated with feelings of well-being, and red veins are linked to relaxation. (That being said, there is plenty of overlap).

So, Green Maeng Da kratom refers to Maeng Da plants that are neither young nor fully mature. Opt for White Maeng Da kratom if you want less mature kratom or Red Maeng Da if you want more maturity.

Expect a Combination

It’s important to note that even though the strain is called Green Maeng Da kratom, that doesn’t mean products bearing its name are entirely made from the green-veined version of Maeng Da. For example, it is common for Green Maeng Da products to really be made from about 20% white and 80% green.

The Expected Effects

People who enjoy Green Maeng Da say that it improves their motivation, focus, and energy. It can also deliver an overall feeling of well-being, an effect that many kratom users appreciate.

How Much Green Maeng Da to Consume

The rule of thumb with any kratom strain, including Green Maeng Da kratom, is to start with a small amount. Beginners should never start with more than a gram or so of kratom. Always err on the side of taking too little instead of too much.

If you don’t experience the effects that you hoped for, then just consume more next time. It’s best not to take more in the same sitting, even if you don’t get the desired effects. That’s because you may be experiencing a delayed reaction. If that’s the case, taking more could mean you’d consume more Green Maeng Da kratom than desired and be at risk of having unwanted effects from doing so.

The Forms It Comes In

When you start looking for Green Maeng Da kratom, you will notice that it comes in a wide variety of forms. The most common is kratom powder, which is made by grinding dried Green Maeng Da leaves. That kratom powder can also be sold in capsules for easier dosing and consumption.

You can also find Green Maeng Da kratom in edibles like gummies and in tinctures and other forms.

It’s Common in Extracts

Like any other kratom strains, you may also find Green Maeng Da as part of a kratom extract. However, very few kratom extracts specify what strains are used. Maeng Da is commonly included in kratom extracts simply because of its potency. After all, the goal of an extract is to deliver high levels of kratom alkaloid content in small quantities. This is easier with a more potent strain like Maeng Da.

So, if you were able to look into the kratom strains used in various extracts, it would not be surprising to find Green Maeng Da. But few kratom manufacturers list the strains in extracts.

If you want to ensure your chosen kratom products have Green Maeng Da, then you will likely need an unconcentrated version.

Which Green Maeng Da Product to Buy?

Given that Green Maeng Da kratom is easily one of the most popular strains, you will find yourself with plenty of options for this green vein kratom. But how do you choose which green kratom products to buy?

Look for AKA Membership and GMP Compliance

When comparing Maeng Da Green kratom brands, start by looking for indications of the manufacturer’s reputation. The best indications of quality are membership in the American Kratom Association (AKA) and GMP compliance.

This combination will confirm that your chosen Green Maeng Da was manufactured to high-quality standards.

Always Look for Lab Testing

With any kratom powder or product, including Green Maeng Da kratom, you should also look for lab testing. There is no federal requirement to test kratom products. The best companies know this and will rigorously test their green vein kratom powder and other products. This testing should confirm the concentrations of alkaloid content. It should also check for potential contaminants.

The best companies will not just test their Green Maeng Da kratom, but they will also publish the results. Some, however, only claim to test and don’t share results. You can decide if it is worth the risk based on the company’s reputation, as not all top brands publish results.


Green Maeng Da kratom is the green vein version of one of the most potent strains. This makes it incredibly popular, especially among experienced users.

Jason Croxford

With 15 years of marketing experience under his belt, Jason is clearly a powerhouse. Lately, he’s turned that energy toward holistic health and biohacking to maximize his health and lengthen his lifespan. Jason is breathwork-certified and is working towards his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.