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Green Malay kratom is a popular option for both beginners and seasoned kratom users, but what makes it a great choice? In order to completely enjoy the potential benefits of this specific green vein kratom strain, it’s important to understand its effects, available forms, and the common myths that surround it.

This guide from MIT45 can help kratom enthusiasts who are considering Green Malay kratom products to make an informed decision.

What is Green Malay Kratom?

What is Green Malay kratom? 

Green Malay kratom is created from kratom leaves harvested in the middle stages of growth and falls under the green vein classification of kratom strains. The leaves may range in color from greenish white (the white denotes the end of the first stages of growth) to greenish-red (signifying the beginning of the mature growth stage). 

Despite its name, Green Malay kratom isn’t solely native to Malaysia — the green vein leaves thrive in all of the tropical Southeast Asian locations where kratom is grown. Products with the Green Malay label often point toward specific potential kratom experiences like energy and relaxation, and strong, lasting results.

Effects of Green Malay kratom

Effects of Green Malay kratom

Every botanical can provide unique experiences for people that may be influenced by their medical history, physical frame, and fitness level. Thus, one person may report a specific Green Malay kratom experience that varies from someone else’s experience.

Nevertheless, many kratom enthusiasts enjoy Green Malay kratom and report the following array of the botanical’s potential benefits:

  • Balanced, even-keeled experience
  • Calming effects
  • Sustained energy-boost
  • Relaxation
  • Uplifting effects

Available forms of Green Malay Kratom

As is true with most kratom strains, Green Malay kratom is sold in many forms including capsules and raw leaf powders. However, popular liquid extracts often combine multiple kratom strains. 

Many vendors sell Green Malay products in powder form which makes extract serving sizes easier for the user to manage. Beginners might choose to start with a small serving size while seasoned users could opt to increase their serving size. 

The popularity of Green Malay kratom products is based on the true purity, quality, and strength of the kratom. Although liquid extracts sold by reputable brands are also based on these factors, the strength of a liquid kratom product like MIT45 Super K Extra Strong comes from the combination of a broad spectrum of kratom strains.     

Common Myths about Green Malay Kratom

Anecdotal accounts and continuing research into Green Malay kratom can cause myths or misinformation to spread about its characteristics and use. Many of the myths surrounding kratom use come from speculation about mitragynine, an alkaloid, and one of the main, naturally occurring ingredients of the botanical.

There are three main strains of kratom: White Vein, Green Vein, and Red Vein. Kratom enthusiasts may believe that red vein is the strongest strain of kratom, due to its reportedly energizing benefits and the maturity of the leaves harvested to create Red Vein kratom products.

However, others may believe that Green Vein kratom products are the strongest due to their potentially long-lasting, balanced results and the amount of mitragynine they contain. 

Although each strain produces results with nuanced differences, there’s no quantifiable way to accurately affirm the strength of one strain over another. Let’s dispel some of the other myths surrounding Green Malay kratom:

Myth 1: Green Malay contains more alkaloids than other kratom strains

Although Green Malay kratom is considered a “full spectrum” product that includes over 40 alkaloids, this is true for all kratom strains. The strength and activity of these alkaloids may vary in each product, though. 

Green Vein kratom, like Green Maeng Da, may offer a more balanced alkaloid profile than its Red Vein and White Vein counterparts.

Myth 2: Green Malay kratom is only grown in Malaysia

Most of the kratom used in commercial products is grown in the Indonesian territory of Borneo, including the kratom used in Green Vein kratom products. Part of Borneo is under Malaysian rule, and kratom trees grow there as well. 

However, Green Malay kratom can be harvested in many Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia and Thailand. 

Myth 3: Green Malay can help in social situations

Some kratom enthusiasts tout the balanced experience of Green Malay kratom as beneficial for socializing, or feeling at ease in public situations. Scientific research into the effects of every kratom strain is ongoing, and there’s no evidence yet to back up these claims.

Myth 4: Green Malay’s effects last longer than other kratom strains

Similarly to the claim that Green Malay helps in social situations, there is no evidence to prove that results from taking this form of kratom last longer than others. 

The results of Green Malay kratom also may vary based on what form of product is taken, whether or not a kratom user has eaten before taking kratom, and other individual factors.

What is ‘Super’ Green Malay Kratom?

What is ‘Super’ Green Malay Kratom?

Super Green Malay is the label given to kratom products touted to pack a more powerful punch than regular Green Malay products. From less than reputable brands, this may just be a marketing tactic.    

However, many Super Green Malay products use painstaking manufacturing processes including careful selection of old-growth trees for harvesting, and fermentation of kratom leaves before grinding them into powder. 

Vendors that offer both Green Malay and Super Green Malay will often include a stronger concentration of kratom in the latter.

Serving size recommendations

For beginners or those new to Green Malay kratom, it’s a good idea to begin with a small serving size and to choose the preferred method for taking this product. For example, Green Malay kratom powder can be mixed into a smoothie or blended with a morning drink such as water or orange juice.  

Every individual may have a different reaction to Green Malay kratom, so what may be the right serving size for one person may be too large for the next. Once the preferred results are achieved, serving sizes can be slowly increased. 

However, it’s important to follow brand recommendations and to consult a medical professional if any concerns arise.

Where to buy Green Malay Kratom

When purchasing any kratom product, it’s wise to do thorough research. All kratom vendors are not created equal, and some disreputable brands may adulterate their products and include dangerous additives, such as heavy metals.

The American Kratom Association (AKA), a leading voice in kratom advocacy, awareness, and education offers a great resource by highlighting a list of Good Manufacturing Practice Standards (GMP) Qualified Vendors, including MIT45. These brands are committed to transparency, third-party lab testing, quality, and safety in all kratom products.

Although MIT45 does not sell Green Malay Kratom products, many other exceptional vendors, including Golden Monk, have the strain available to purchase online.

Why MIT45 doesn’t sell Green Malay kratom products

MIT45 provides only the best, high-quality raw leaf kratom. Our products must meet our specific standards, including extensive third-party testing. In order to offer the most balanced approach to the kratom experience, our Green Vein products must maintain a mitragynine level of 1.3% – 1.82%, which isn’t always achievable in Green Malay kratom. 

However, we do offer a phenomenal middle-ground, raw leaf powder in our Green Vein Kratom, along with easy-to-use Green Vein Kratom capsules that may provide a similar, and extremely consistent, experience. We stand behind the safety and quality of all of our kratom products.

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