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There are numerous kratom products on the market, from capsules to powders to liquids, but what about oil? You likely hear about kratom oil every once in a while, but not frequently enough to have a good idea of what it is. Learn what kratom oil is and why you are so unlikely to find it.

What Is Kratom Oil?

Before getting into why you are not likely to find it, you need to understand what kratom oil is. When rumors of kratom oil existing go around, it is said to be an extract that uses an oil base. As such, it is a liquid form of kratom like shots, but the base is liquid.

It Would Be Easier to Digest

The idea behind kratom oil is that it should be easier for your body to digest. That is because it is easier for humans to absorb liquids compared to solids. Before you can feel the effects of a kratom capsule or gummy, for example, it has to reach your stomach and be digested.

But with a liquid, your body can start absorbing some of the substance right away. With an oil, the kratom alkaloids could theoretically start entering your tissue via the cell membranes in your mouth.

The result would be incredibly fast absorption, especially compared to other forms of kratom. You could also just enjoy your kratom sublingually, something you can do with some other herbal supplements. This involves just placing a few drops of the product under your tongue and letting it absorb. That idea would take advantage of the sublingual capillaries that connect to your nervous system.

But while that works for oils with other herbal substances, it is not the case for kratom oil. That’s because kratom oil doesn’t exist.

Why You Won’t Find Kratom Oil

The biggest reason that you will not find kratom oil, whether you look at a local store or online, is the FDA.

The FDA has tried to place restrictions on kratom in the past, including banning all kratom alkaloids and kratom capsules. The DEA has even tried to make kratom a Schedule I substance, which would make it illegal.

But this goal has not succeeded yet. Instead, the FDA doesn’t let kratom be sold as food. It must be sold as a supplement, not food. If any kratom products are sold as food, they will be immediately removed from the market, and their manufacturers and vendors will face the consequences.

Simply put, kratom oil would qualify as food, so it is not legally allowed.

If Kratom Oil Was Legal, It Would Be Harder to Confirm Safety

As an experienced kratom user, you likely know that there aren’t any legally required tests to sell kratom. If you want to take control of your safety, you need to look for lab-tested products and choose companies with certificates of analysis.

But in addition to that testing, many experienced kratom users start to get a feel for whether something is “off” about their kratom. After a bit, you can recognize the smell, taste, and texture.

But that type of identification would be even harder with kratom oil.

Want Kratom Oil? Make Your Own!

Kratom can’t be sold as food, but you can make kratom oil if you want to. As a bonus, this will put you in complete control of everything, down to the strain and potency. Just buy some kratom powder or start with kratom leaves.

What Kratom Forms to Try Instead

If you can’t get kratom oil, then you may be wondering what forms of kratom to try instead.

The closest option would be liquid kratom shots. These are the way to enjoy your kratom extract as liquid substances. Some shots have additional flavors or even coffee. You can either drink them alone or pour them into your favorite beverage.

Powder kratom is also an incredibly popular option, whether you want a product made from raw kratom leaves or a concentrated product. Kratom powder is highly versatile, as you can measure out exactly how much you want to consume and then mix it into nearly any drink.

Powder kratom extract can also be placed inside capsules, saving you the need to measure out your preferred quantity. The capsule also masks the flavor of the kratom plants somewhat.

If you really don’t want to taste your kratom extract, gummies and other edibles are also an option. These feature extract and also save you the need to measure.


You won’t find kratom oil in the kratom industry because it would be considered food, and the FDA doesn’t let kratom manufacturers sell the kratom plant or its products as food. You can make kratom oil yourself using kratom powder from your favorite kratom strains, or you can opt for another form of kratom. Kratom lovers tend to appreciate liquid shots, capsules, powders, and gummies, among other options.



Jason Croxford

With 15 years of marketing experience under his belt, Jason is clearly a powerhouse. Lately, he’s turned that energy toward holistic health and biohacking to maximize his health and lengthen his lifespan. Jason is breathwork-certified and is working towards his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.