MIT45 UltraMIT


UltraMIT is a premier liquid extract, designed for superior focus and energy support. Ready to conquer your to-do list, without the crash? Experience UltraMIT for 30 days, risk-free.

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Why Choose UltraMIT?

UltraMIT is perfect for anyone looking to level up their feeling of being focused and alert. UltraMIT’s unique blend of extracts maximize energizing mitragynine levels, while reducing the calming 7-hydroxymitragynine.

With drop-by-drop precision, Triple-Purified UltraMIT is ready to help you conquer your day.

Unlock a Higher Level

  • Superior energy and focus support 
  • 300mg of high-percentage Mitragynine extract 
  • Up to 3x less calming 7-Hydroxymitragynine vs. other extracts 
  • Triple Purification Process-Certified 
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 
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Experience UltraMIT Risk-Free

Ready to unlock effortless energy? As our latest breakthrough formulation, UltraMIT is truly a next-level kratom experience. Discover your own UltraMIT edge for 30 days, or your money back.

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What Is Kratom Extract?

Unlike raw leaf kratom powders or capsules, UltraMIT is a liquid kratom extract. Starting from fresh harvests, kratom leaves are processed and extracted, which concentrates mitragynine, one of the active compounds of the Mitragyna speciosa plant. Our extraction techniques and Triple Purification Process ensure that UltraMIT and all MIT45 kratom extracts are consistent and effective from batch to batch.

How Much Mitragynine Is In UltraMIT?

Each bottle of UltraMIT contains 300mg of Mitragyna speciosa extracts, with concentrations of 30% and 75%. To protect our proprietary blend, we can’t divulge the exact mitragynine levels, but the range is 100-225mg of mitragynine. The average serving size is two droppers, which contains between 12-30mg of mitragynine and a total of 40mg of our blended extract.

What Is UltraMIT Used For?

UltraMIT is perfect for experienced kratom users who prefer the energy and lift of kratom products with a higher concentration of mitragynine. The average UltraMIT user will use this liquid extract during active, daytime hours.

Some may also prefer UltraMIT for the precision and convenience of its dropper, which makes it easier to fine-tune serving sizes.

Why Is The Serving Size Just 40mg?

UltraMIT’s precision blend of extracts deliver a positive experience, at a smaller relative serving size. Some of our other extracts are tailor-made for the experienced kratom user with bigger suggested serving sizes. The serving size for our Gold shot, for example, is 83mg of extract.

How Can I Make UltraMIT Taste Better?

While liquid kratom extracts are fast and convenient, kratom is a naturally bitter substance. We do incorporate certain processing techniques and ingredients to reduce the bitter taste, but there are ways to further improve your flavor experience.

Try dropping UltraMIT into most teas, juices, or smoothies to help mask the extract’s bitterness. Just be sure to double-check your serving sizes, and don’t use soda. The carbonation can create an unpleasant foam. Prefer to avoid the taste problem completely? Check out our range of kratom extract and raw-leaf capsules.

How Fast Will My Order Be Delivered?

Our free shipping delivery time is 5-7 days!

How Can I Return My Product?

If you are unhappy, send us an email! We will make it right! We stand by our products 100% and strive to provide the best customer satisfaction. You can send us an email at [email protected] or visit our contact page.