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MIT45 Super K

Searching for a more potent kratom experience? Each blue bottle of MIT45 Super K is packed with an impressive 500mg of mitragynine extract.

But there’s more to Super K than potency alone. This liquid kratom extract shot has been expertly crafted for a kratom experience like no other. Get ready to feel the Super K way, and try it today.

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MIT45 Super K Shots

A Uniquely Potent Kratom Experience

Why Choose SUPER K?

Because MIT45 Super K shots take your kratom experience to the next level. With 500mg of mitragyna speciosa extract, Super K delivers a potent experience for less. Each shot contains Triple Purification Process-certified kratom extract and is designed for fast, long-lasting effects. This product is also a great match for those who use kratom in the evening.

Super K is made only for the experienced kratom user and is your ideal option between MIT45 Go and MIT45 Gold.

Super K Shot faq

Unlike our raw leaf powders and strain-specific capsules, Super K is made with kratom extract. We do this by putting our high-quality kratom leaves through an extraction process that creates a higher concentration of mitragynine—one of the primary active ingredients in the mitragyna speciosa plant. Our water-based extraction and Triple Purification Process is how we provide a reliable kratom extract with a highly consistent concentration of mitragynine in each batch.

Each bottle contains 500mg of our mitragyna speciosa extract with a 20% concentration of mitragynine. The average serving size is 1/5 of a bottle, which contains 20mg of mitragynine.

Because it has more kratom overall but a lower concentration of mitragynine, this liquid extract is popular with people who like to take kratom later in the day or otherwise reduce the peppy effects associated with higher concentrations of mitragynine. Some people also find better value by using smaller serving sizes with this potent kratom product. 

Most people do NOT want to use Super K on busy or active days. At least until you know how the capsules impact your energy levels, users recommend Super K for evening or nighttime use.

Liquid kratom extract offers a fast and convenient way to use kratom. Some of the ingredients already help disguise much of kratom’s bitter taste, but there are ways to further improve your experience. You can add Super K to most of your favorite health drinks including most teas, juices, and smoothies. 

Just be sure to check the serving size before adding the liquid extract to your beverage. And don’t use soda. The kratom and carbonation will interact to create a foam that makes the mixture a lot harder to consume. Prefer to avoid the taste issue altogether? Check out our  collection of high-quality kratom capsules.

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lab tested for purity

All MIT45 products undergo thorough testing at an accredited, third-party lab.

money back guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your product, contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

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aka & gmp certified

We are proud to be an American Kratom Association GMP Qualified Vendor.

why mit45?

We believe that safety and purity are the highest priority when it comes to your products. As we continue to lead the kratom industry, trust and transparency are among our top priorities, and we hope other companies will follow our example.

Because of this commitment, all MIT45 products undergo rigorous third-party testing at each stage of the process. Starting right at the farm, to the processors, and again when the product reaches our GMP-compliant manufacturing facility, MIT45 goes well above and beyond industry testing standards. This commitment to purity, potency, and consistency means that you can be confident in any product bearing the MIT45 Gold Seal of Approval.

how We Source Our Kratom

We couldn’t do it without our farmers! We partner directly with farmers in Indonesia and Thailand, who are experts in cultivating the most potent kratom on the planet. Together, we are creating an ethical and sustainable model which benefits local communities, while delivering a superior product. We regularly visit our partners to ensure that every kratom product you get from MIT45 is cultivated and processed to meet our exacting standards. These relationships ensure MIT45 products maintain consistent quality from batch to batch, year after year. As a leader in our industry for more than a decade, there is no substitute for our track record in delivering the highest-quality, premium kratom.