MIT45 Boost


MIT45 BOOST shots feature our signature liquid kratom extract, plus a boost of plant-based caffeine. For the ultimate kratom energy shot, just reach for the little red bottle.

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Man holding Boost shot in garden

How To Use MIT45 BOOST

A natural addition to your fitness routine, BOOST shots are the perfect size to toss in your gym bag, or your backpack before a hike. Sip on the fast-acting formula and feel the BOOST, guaranteed!

The Best Kratom BOOST Around

MIT45 produces the best liquid kratom products available on the market today. BOOST, and all of our products including extracts, capsules, and raw powders, are cGMP compliant and meet the MIT45 Gold Seal of Approval, with purity standards far more stringent than the industry requires.

Man removing Boost shot from bag

Give Your Day The Boost It Deserves

Why are we so confident that you’ll enjoy the BOOST of this invigorating 2-in-1 kratom shot? Because we’ve poured 10+ years of experience, craft, and care into every last drop. Ready to get BOOSTed for 30 days, risk-free?

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Boost FAQs

What Is Kratom Extract?

Unlike our raw leaf powders and strain-specific capsules, MIT45 Boost is made with kratom extract. We do this by putting our high-quality kratom leaves through an extraction process that creates a higher concentration of mitragynine—one of the primary active ingredients in the mitragyna speciosa plant. Our water-based extraction and Triple Purification Process™ is how we provide a reliable kratom extract with a highly consistent concentration of mitragynine in each batch.

How Much Mitragynine And Caffeine Are In BOOST?

Each bottle contains a total of 52mg of Mitragyna speciosa extract with a 65% concentration of mitragynine. Each bottle also contains a total of 52mg of caffeine, the equivalent of half a cup of coffee, from tea leaf extract. The average serving size is 1/4 of a bottle, which contains 13mg of extract and 8mg of mitragynine. This product is the go-to blend of kratom and coffee for anyone needing a real boost.

What Is BOOST Used For?

This liquid kratom shot is the ideal energy lift for people who like kratom’s unique effects as well as the traditional feel of caffeine. People who use our Boost kratom shot may be looking for an alternative to their usual coffee or energy drink, or they may just like the experience created by a liquid kratom extract that’s enhanced with a modest amount of plant-based caffeine.

Because it provides an energy boost, most people do NOT like to use BOOST close to bedtime. Our Super K, Super K Extra Strong, Red Vein Capsules, and Red Vein Powder are all better options for using kratom later in the day.

How Can I Make BOOST Taste Even Better?

This extract offers a fast and convenient way to use kratom. Some of the ingredients already help disguise much of kratom’s bitter taste, but there are ways to further improve your experience. Despite having a gel-like consistency, BOOST can be added to your favorite health drink including most teas, juices, and smoothies. Great for those times when you’re not on-the-go!

Just be sure to check the serving size before adding this extract to your beverage. And don’t use soda. The kratom and carbonation will interact to create a foam that makes the mixture a lot harder to consume. Prefer to avoid the taste issue altogether? Check out our collection of high-quality kratom capsules.

How Fast Will My Order Be Delivered?

Our free shipping delivery time is 5-7 days!

How Can I Return My Product?

If you are unhappy, send us an email! We will make it right! We stand by our products 100% and strive to provide the best customer satisfaction. You can send us an email at [email protected] or visit our contact page.