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Why combine kratom and coffee?

Botanists may be able to identify these leaves, but most folks can’t tell the difference between these coffee robusta leaves and kratom.

Millions of Americans focus on nothing before coffee in the morning–it is a deeply-ingrained, dealbreaker ritual! Not only is it pick-me-up during the day, but it’s also a social experience that brings people together. Howard Schultz capitalized on this when he opened the doors of the first Starbucks in 1987. 

The love of coffee has deep roots in many cultures around the globe. Two-thirds of Americans (66%) drink coffee every day–a record amount–up nearly 14% since January 2021, according to a new report. 

Kratom, though it is growing in popularity, is not yet a household name. For some people, kratom acts as an energy booster. For others, particularly those who take higher serving sizes, it can be more soothing and relaxing. Different people experience kratom in different ways, and the products themselves can vary.

As the interest in kratom continues to rise alongside the evergreen love for coffee, the idea of combining these two for an enhanced energy boost has intrigued many. A lot of people are asking: 

What is Kratom Coffee?

The benefits of combining kratom and coffee

Well, both kratom and coffee hail from the Rubiaceae family, sharing a botanical lineage that suggests a natural compatibility. But is mixing these two a recipe for the ultimate enhancer, or does it push the boundaries of energy-boosting too far? 

Let’s explore kratom and coffee either in tandem or as substitutes for one another. Depending on the amount you take, kratom may complement or inhibit the effects of coffee. Therefore, it is best to have a strategy for taking these together.

A Family Affair: Kratom and Coffee

Belonging to the same plant family, coffee and kratom share more than just their energizing properties. However, their active compounds, mitragynine for kratom and caffeine for coffee, act on the body in distinct ways. 

Benefits of Combining Kratom and Coffee

Energy boost without the crash

The allure of mixing kratom with coffee lies in the promise of an amplified and sustained energy lift. 

Coffee’s caffeine offers an immediate kick-start, while kratom’s alkaloids, like mitragynine, promise a smoother, longer-lasting effect. This combination could potentially provide the best of both worlds: a quick jolt of energy followed by prolonged alertness without the dreaded caffeine crash.

Exercise aid

Kratom continues to gain momentum in the fitness industry, with many people claiming it takes their workouts to the next level. Some users have reported that taking kratom before a workout makes their workout more productive and gives them more energy, so they can accomplish more in a single session than usual. Many of the world’s top athletes also use kratom to help their training regimen.

Benefits of Kratom vs. Coffee

There’s a reason over 2.25 billion cups of coffee per day are consumed worldwide—but for some people, coffee can deliver adverse effects. It’s becoming more popular to try giving up coffee for a short stint or indefinitely. These are just a few reasons: 

Better sleep 

Studies show daily caffeine consumption can disrupt your sleep cycle and boost cortisol. It can also increase anxiety, make you jittery, and encourage lower saliva levels, which can increase the possibility of tooth decay. 

On the issue of cortisol boosts, if people who already have higher-than-normal levels of cortisol drink too much coffee, it can result in an overwhelming amount of cortisol flooding the body—majorly affecting stress levels and weakening the immune system

Coffee dependence reduction 

The more coffee you drink, the more you may need to consume over time to experience the effects you used to enjoy from a single cup. Subbing kratom in for one of your daily coffees is a great idea for helping reduce your dependence on coffee.

Alternating Between Kratom and Coffee

Some people want a second cup of coffee in the afternoon but also don’t, especially if they drink hot/drip coffee. An iced latte may be a good afternoon energy boost, but many people who drink caffeine later in the day have a hard time falling asleep at night. 

As an afternoon coffee alternative, you can prepare smoothies with kratom, brew kratom in tea, or have a refreshing iced tea in the afternoon to replace the coffee or espresso shot you normally have to keep you going. 

Tips for Combining Kratom and Coffee

Should you mix kratom and caffeine? 

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to combine caffeine and kratom cautiously, use them separately, or substitute one for the other. 

Many enthusiasts enjoy blending kratom powder with coffee, creating an uplifting mix known as kratom coffee. This combination is reported to enhance benefits such as alertness and focus, making it particularly appealing for avid coffee drinkers looking to reduce their caffeine consumption.

Some kratom enthusiasts like to add raw powder to their coffee made with naturally extracted caffeine or a little kratom extract. 

If you’re a more experienced kratom user—extract is usually much stronger than raw powder. The options for creating your own coffee/kratom blend are endless. Tinker with what works and tastes best for you—this is the fun part! Before you do, however, check out our kratom extract and tincture guide to get even more information!

Some factors to be aware of: 

  • Mindful Mixing: Pay close attention to serving size when combining kratom with coffee. Start with lower amounts of each to gauge your body’s response.
  • Timing is Key: Consider consuming coffee in the morning for an immediate energy boost and using kratom later in the day to sustain your alertness and focus.

MIT45 BOOST contains kratom and plant-based caffeine for an energy boost

Customizing Your Experience: DIY vs. Pre-Made Solutions

First and foremost, the freshness and quality of both your kratom and coffee are paramount. Look for kratom that has a robust, earthy aroma, reminiscent of green tea. Fresh coffee should have a slightly caramelized, almost nutty scent.

To preserve the active alkaloids in kratom and coffee, it’s crucial to brew your water at a temperature ranging from 190 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the right preparation, here are several methods to create your ideal kratom coffee combo:

  • Simple Kratom Coffee: Brew a standard cup of coffee and stir in kratom powder for a straightforward mix.
  • Kratom Tea with a Coffee Twist: Prepare kratom tea and add it to your coffee, blending the two for a unique flavor.
  • Brew Together: Mix coffee grounds and kratom powder, brewing them simultaneously for a fully integrated blend.
  • Kratom First, Coffee Second: Take kratom in your preferred form, such as capsules, followed by a refreshing cup of coffee.

While pre-packaged kratom and caffeine drinks like MIT45 BOOST offer convenience, mixing up your own kratom-coffee creation allows for personalized adjustments to taste and strength. Experiment with adding kratom powder directly to your coffee or brewing them separately and mixing afterward. 

Remember, the journey to finding your perfect blend is part of the fun.

Health Considerations

Unwanted effects 

Certain kratom varieties can act as an energy booster, similar to caffeine. This is a great option to enhance your workout. Hence, having excessive amounts of either substance may lead to anxiety, nausea, increased sweating, or heart palpitations. These effects are generally temporary.

However, combining kratom and caffeine in large quantities could intensify these adverse reactions. Newcomers to kratom coffee are advised to start with smaller kratom proportions, gradually increasing as they become accustomed to the effects.

Individuals with heart conditions or high blood pressure are particularly cautioned against using kratom coffee, as it could exacerbate their symptoms.


Both kratom and coffee can lead to dehydration. Ensure adequate water intake when drinking coffee, with or without kratom. 

Dietary Balance

While coffee can be harsh on an empty stomach, kratom’s effects are also more pronounced when taken without food. If your stomach tends to be more on the sensitive side, it’s advisable to have a bite of food with your coffee, with or without kratom. 

Navigating the Kratom-Coffee Combo

The relationship between kratom and coffee is a fascinating exploration of botanical kinship and complementary effects. 

Whether choosing to combine these two for an energy boost, alternating them for balance, or substituting one for the other, it’s essential to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. As with any of your favorite beverages and botanicals, moderation and mindfulness are key to maximizing benefits while minimizing potential downsides. Happy experimenting!


Julie Wilding

Julie Wilding is a seasoned copywriter with over a decade of experience in researching and writing about the tech and natural products industries. She is ardent about natural wellness and loves delving into deep insights on niche topics. When not writing, Julie can be found cooking, reading with her dog and cats nearby, thrifting, or enjoying long solo walks.