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October 24, 2022

Kratom Tincture vs. Extract

When it comes time to choose what kratom product you want to enjoy, you will have your choice of options, including tinctures and extracts. But how do you know what form of kratom is right for your needs? Take a closer look at how tinctures and extracts are different, so you can decide which one is best for you.

Tinctures Are a Type of Extract

The very first thing to know when comparing kratom tinctures and kratom extracts is that tinctures are a type of extract. So, all tinctures are extracts, but not all extracts are tinctures.

To understand why this is the case, take a closer look at what each kratom form is.

Understanding Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are concentrated forms of kratom. The exact extraction process can vary, but it begins with either kratom powder or kratom leaves. The process typically involves boiling the kratom, straining it, and boiling it again.

From there, you can let the extract dry, creating a paste or resin. Or you can add water to thin it down. Or you can even turn that paste back into a powder.

Understanding Kratom Tinctures

A kratom tincture is just a specific type of extract. You will usually get a tincture from getting kratom alkaloids to seep into water and ethanol. You simply submerge the kratom in the alcohol. You then store the tincture’s mixture in a cold, dark place, so the alcohol absorbs the kratom alkaloids. At the end of the process, you strain out any solid particles.

Kratom tinctures are usually somewhat thick. They most commonly come in bottles featuring a dropper, making it easy to consume just the amount of tincture that you want.

Comparing Tinctures and Extracts Point by Point

Now that you know how tinctures are just one potential form of kratom extracts, how do the two types of kratom products compare in various important ways?

Comparing Potency

While tinctures are a type of extract, they tend to be one of the least concentrated forms of it. This can vary, but you will typically need to choose a different type of kratom extract, such as a liquid shot, capsule, powder, or gummy, if you want a higher concentration.

This makes tinctures a good option for those who want to consume a lower dose of kratom. It is a good starting point on your journey into kratom extracts. But if you are an experienced kratom user and prefer a higher dose, you will likely prefer other types of extracts.

Comparing Presentation

Kratom tinctures are always liquids. By contrast, kratom extracts can be liquids, powders, capsules, or another form. It’s also worth noting that not all liquid extracts are tinctures. Some will be kratom shots, which tend to be more concentrated.

Comparing Consistency

The consistency of a given kratom extract doesn’t depend on its form as much as it does on the manufacturer. So, whether you are looking at kratom tinctures or other types of extracts, you need to look for other indications of consistency.

The best brands will have a third party test all of their batches of products. This lets them confirm the concentrations of kratom alkaloids. It also lets them ensure that there are no contaminants.

No matter the type of extract you choose, including tinctures, there should be some indication of the concentration. It may be expressed as a percentage or as a ratio. Or it may tell you that the container has the alkaloids from a certain number of grams of kratom leaves or kratom powder. This is true whether you get a tincture or not.

Store Both the Same Way

No matter the form of extract that you have, always be sure to store it properly. Kratom should be stored in cool, dark places. If your extract comes in a resealable container, ensure it is tightly closed. For example, every time you use the dropper cap on your tincture, twist the cap back into place carefully.

You also won’t be able to store any kratom extract forever. It’s best to just buy the quantity that you plan to consume in the near future. That is especially true for anything in a resealable container, like a liquid or powder. There is a bit more leeway with something like capsules.

How to Choose a Kratom Extract

To decide whether to get a kratom tincture or another type of kratom extract, think about your preferences. If you want a liquid kratom extract that is easy to dose and less concentrated than some other extracts, consider a tincture. If you prefer higher concentrations, the powder form, another type of liquid, a capsule, or an edible, opt for another kratom extract.

No matter whether you choose a kratom extract powder, kratom liquid extracts, or another form, prioritize choosing a safe product. Always buy kratom powders and other products from brands that have lab tested their powder extracts. Ideally, the testing is done by a third-party lab, and you can see the certificates of analysis.


A tincture is just one of several types of kratom liquid extract. Tinctures are typically made by seeping kratom in alcohol, while other kratom liquid extracts usually involve boiling kratom in water (with or without alcohol). You can also find kratom powder extract options as well as gummies, capsules, and liquid shots, depending on where you look.


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