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Different presentations of Kratom, leafs, capsules and powder.
December 2, 2022

Best Kratom Extract

If you want to know the best kratom product overall, then you are out of luck. That’s because what works well for one person will not be ideal for another kratom user. Your ideal extract will depend on your ideal potency and the form you prefer to take it in.

That being said, some kratom extracts are better than others. We’ve rounded up the top extracts in various categories.

Best Liquid Kratom Shots

Kratom shots are liquids that come in small bottles. Most bottles are designed to be divided into two or three servings, but this varies.

MIT 45 Gold Kratom Shot

Any of the liquid shots from MIT 45 would be a solid choice, but the Gold Kratom Shot is a favorite. The extract contains 45% Mitragynine.


Best Kratom Extract Capsules

Capsules are typically gelatin capsules with kratom extract powder inside. They can vary significantly in potency.

MIT 45 Gold Standard Kratom Capsules

These capsules are 20% stronger than the liquid version, featuring premium MIT 45 extract. These capsules also have ginger, turmeric, and white pepper in addition to the kratom extracts.

How to Choose the Best Extract

You should not limit your search for kratom to just the products on this list. There are plenty of other great products available. As you choose a product, just remember to pay attention to potency and concentration.

And be sure to look for a brand that:

  • Lab tests its products
  • Is GMP-certified
  • Is a member of the American Kratom Association (AKA)
  • Has strong reviews
  • Offers discreet shipping

Why Does Lab Testing Matter?

We mentioned that you should buy kratom powder from a brand that lab tests, but why is this important? It is because there is no federal regulation of kratom extracts. Consumers have to do their own research.

As such, the best kratom products are lab tested to confirm their concentration and that they don’t have harmful contaminants. The best brands will not only lab test their kratom extracts, but they will make the lab results easily accessible for extra transparency.

Which Product Is Right for You?

In addition to those general considerations when choosing a kratom powder or other kratom extracts, you also want to think about your personal preferences.

  • Potency: Beginners should stick to kratom powders with lower concentrations, while experienced users may want more potent kratom extracts.
  • Type of Product: Our list of kratom extracts includes powders, capsules, liquids, and more. Each of these types of quality kratom extracts has its pros and cons. Think about how you want to consume your kratom. Do you want the convenience of pre-dosed capsules with no measuring involved? Or do you prefer the versatility of a powder that lets you measure how much you want to use and mix it into your favorite beverage?
  • Flavor: Most kratom extracts do not have added flavor, so you will be able to taste the kratom. But if you don’t like the taste of kratom leaves, you may want to try the gummies or a flavored shot. Or you can just choose kratom leaf powder and mix it into your favorite drink.


Any of the kratom vendors mentioned above is a solid choice for your full-spectrum kratom extract. You simply have to decide how concentrated of a product you want and the form you prefer. Whether you want liquid kratom, kratom powder, kratom capsules, or another form, you will have numerous options.


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