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Many sources cite that their kratom product is the best on the market—the purest, strongest, and most carefully formulated. But if you’re searching for the best product for you personally, it’s important to understand that elements like lab testing, good reviews, purity, strength, and brand transparency matter very much.

Kratom is very personalized. Kratom strains or kratom extracts that work best for one person will not be ideal for another user. Your ideal extract will depend on your body chemistry, how it reacts with the format and type of kratom and other factors. That being said, some kratom extracts stand out far above the rest, and there are many different solid formats of kratom extracts to choose from.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top kratom extracts in various categories, but let’s start with the basics.


Remember to consider strength and concentration when choosing a kratom extract product. Also, be sure to look for a brand like MIT45 that:

  • Lab tests its products
  • Is GMP-certified
  • Is a member of the American Kratom Association (AKA)
  • Has strong reviews
  • Offers discreet shipping


We mentioned that you should buy kratom powder from a brand that lab tests, but why is this important? Because there is no federal regulation or standards for kratom—at least not yet. Consumers have to do their own research.

As such, the best kratom products are lab-tested to confirm their concentration and that they don’t have harmful contaminants. The best brands will not only lab test their kratom extracts but also make the lab results easily accessible for extra transparency.


In addition to those general considerations when choosing a kratom extract, you’ll also want to consider your preferences, desired outcomes, and experience level.

Beginners should generally stick to kratom extracts with lower concentrations and less total extract per serving, though you can always take less than the recommended serving. 10-25mg of extract tend to be a modest serving for most people, 30-45mg tend to be a strong serving for most people, while 50mg servings or more should be reserved for very experienced kratom users.

Another crucial question to ask is whether you prefer the energy-boosting or relaxing qualities of kratom. While this is usually a question asked about different veins of raw kratom, it applies to extracts, too. As a general rule, mitragynine-dominant extracts tend to deliver more of an energy boost, while low-mitragynine extracts tend to deliver more of the relaxation.

The format also matters—would you prefer the convenience of capsules with a predetermined amount of kratom, or do you prefer the versatility of MIT45 kratom shots that let you measure how much you want to use and whether you drink it straight or mix it in with a beverage?

Kratom shots are liquids in small bottles that are easy to transport and take, but there’s also the flavor to consider. Most kratom extracts don’t have added flavor, so you can likely taste the kratom. If you don’t like kratom’s bitter taste, you may want to try gummies or capsules.


MIT45 UltraMIT
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Any liquid shots from MIT45 would be a solid choice, but the UltraMIT shot is a new fan favorite. It’s a premier liquid extract designed for focus and energy with a high percentage of mitragynine extract (each bottle contains 300mg of mitragynine and is recommended for 7-14 servings).


MIT45 Black Label 2 pack product shot
MIT45 Black Label Capsules
From: $21.97 - or subscribe and save up to 10%
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These capsules contain a large serving size of highly concentrated extract powder. Go lightly. These are often preferred by people who are not particularly sensitive to kratom’s effects.


MIT45 Boost Bites pouch
MIT45 Boost Bites
From: $5.97 - or subscribe and save up to 10%
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MIT45 BOOST Bites use a 65% extract but contain just 10mg of extract apiece. They’re a less strong extract product and easy to take on the go, so if you’re a less experienced kratom extract user, they might be a great starting point. They also have added flavor to improve taste.


Now that you’re equipped with some ideas for different kratom extract formats, you can decide how concentrated a product you want and the form you prefer.

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