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Kratom transformation, from leaf to capsule.
September 20, 2022

Kratom Powder Extract

Kratom extract comes in various forms, including powder. There are many powder extracts on the market, giving kratom users their choice of strain, brand, and more. But there are also many different types of these extract powders, which can sometimes make it confusing for users to choose.

This guide covers the most popular types of kratom extract powder, giving you the knowledge you need to choose which type (or types) you will prefer.

Remember that you can also choose kratom extracts in various other forms. Liquid kratom extract is incredibly popular, especially in the form of kratom shots. Another popular type of kratom product is capsules. You can even find kratom products that are candy-infused with kratom extract. 

Understanding Kratom Extract Powder – What It Is and Isn’t

Before looking at the various types of extract powders, it’s important to clarify the difference between extract powder and kratom powder. 

Kratom powder is made by grinding up the kratom leaves. As such, its concentration of kratom alkaloids will be very similar to natural kratom. By contrast, kratom extract powder is a powdered form of an extract. As an extract, it is highly concentrated and features a higher concentration of kratom alkaloids.

It is crucial to pay attention to whether your powder product is an extract, as this affects how much you should consume. Because extract powder is more concentrated, you need much less of it than you would traditional kratom powder to notice the same effects. The high alkaloid concentration also means that kratom extract powder is best for seasoned kratom users. Beginners should stick to traditional kratom powder.

In addition to the difference in alkaloid concentration between the types of powders, kratom extracts are darker in color than other powders. They may also have a stronger aroma. Both of these are a direct result of having a higher kratom content. 

With that in mind, explore some of the various types of extract powders that you may come across. 

Standardized Powders

Standardized powders get their name from the fact that they have standardized concentrations. This means that every single container or package of the powder has the same exact mitragynine alkaloid content. The term standardized powder applies for both a set percentage and small percentage ranges. It can even apply to powders with upper limits for concentrations.

It’s important to note that standardized powders come in a variety of concentrations. It may be just 2% or less, 13%, or any other percentage. The key feature is that you know what to expect.

X Kratom Powders

Another common type of kratom extract powder is what’s called an “x powder.” This will be something like “10x powder” or “50x powder.” In this case, the number and “x” compare the concentration of kratom alkaloids in the extract powder with the concentration in a traditional powder.

So, if you have a 10x powder extract, it would have 10 times as many kratom alkaloids than an equivalent quantity of regular (non-extracted) powder. If you have a 50x powder, it would be 50 times as strong.

Standardized vs. X Powders

Both the standardized and x powders give you an accurate way of estimating the efficacy of your kratom extract. The biggest difference is how they do so.

With standardized powder, you see the strength of the kratom’s effects in terms of the concentration of mitragynine in the product as a whole. So, you will need a frame of reference to understand it and how much you should take.

With X powders, the strength of the kratom’s effects is indicated in terms of a comparison with traditional powders. This puts the effects in more “real world” terms instead of scientific terms. You won’t necessarily know the exact concentration of kratom alkaloids. But you will know how much to take based on the figure before the “x” and how much regular powder you usually use.

UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo) vs. Other Extract Powders

Another type of kratom powder you will come across is UEI powder or Ultra Enhanced Indo powder. To make this extract powder, the manufacturer begins with premium Indonesian powder. They then enhance the powder with additional alkaloid extracts, boosting its effects.

It is very common for UEI kratom to be standardized. This way, you know exactly how much mitragynine to expect per gram. Although the standardized concentration can vary, 13% is a popular concentration per gram.

Pricing of Kratom Extract Powders

The pricing of kratom powders depends on a lot of factors, such as the vendor, the size of the product, and its concentration. It will also vary based on the kratom strain that you choose.

Comparing prices for kratom extract powder, you will notice some differences in pricing based on quality and strains. For instance, entry-level extracts can be as cheap as $9.99 per ounce, which is about $2 for 5 grams. Higher-quality extracts tend to start closer to $13 for 5 grams. 

Expect the quality of the more expensive kratom extracts to be higher and for them to potentially have a higher concentration. These more expensive extracts are also more likely to come from specific strains. By contrast, the ones closer to the $9.99 mark tend to simply be labeled as “extract powder,” without mentioning specific strains.

If you choose a vendor that specifies the kratom strains in its extract powder, expect some strains to cost more than others. Ultra Maeng Da Kratom, for example, tends to be more expensive, while Bentuangie Kratom tends to be more affordable.

If a powder is “enhanced” or has a label such as “gold kratom” or “platinum kratom,” it is likely to be more expensive and of higher quality. For these, expect to pay $25 to $45 for 5 grams.

The most expensive type of kratom extracts in powdered will typically be UEI, due to its extra enhancement. This can cost as much as $49.99 for 5 grams.

When it comes to finding quality kratom, you get what you pay for. The best kratom extracts will cost a little more. That being said, you should always research any company you buy kratom from. Ensure they have a good reputation and industry memberships so you can be sure of their products’ quality. 


Powders are just one of several forms of kratom extracts. You can find various types of approved kratom powders made from extracts. Standardized kratom powder extracts have a set concentration of alkaloids. Meanwhile, X kratom extract powders measure the strength of their effects in terms of that of regular powder. 

If you’re looking for a kratom powder extract with the highest levels of alkaloid concentration, you can try UEI powder. UEI powder tends to be among the most concentrated of the powdered kratom extracts.

What you will pay for your kratom extracts can vary but expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 for about 5 grams of powder. It is always worth paying a little more for premium kratom extracts from a reputable brand instead of just choosing the most affordable option. 


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