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Different presentations of Kratom, leaf, powder and liquid.
December 13, 2022

Your Guide to Maeng Da Kratom Extract: From the Strain to Choosing a Product

As you start looking for kratom extracts, you may find several options made from Maeng Da, either alone or combined with other strains. Learn more about Maeng Da kratom, the extracts made from it, and how to choose which one to buy.

About Maeng Da Kratom

The first step to understanding Maeng Da extracts is learning more about the Maeng Da strain. This is easily among the most popular kratom strains, with many people preferring it for its potency. The phrase “Maeng Da” loosely translates into “pimp strength,” something that refers to the high potency that is common in this strain.

Overall, people tend to choose Maeng Da kratom for its potency and ability to energize the user.

Types of Maeng Da

Maeng Da can come in red, white, or green varieties. As with other kratom strains, the color refers to the color of the veins, with the veins changing colors as the kratom plant matures. Sometimes, however, the color of the strain will refer to the drying process used. This can vary based on the kratom manufacturer.

Red-vein Maeng Da tends to have more 7-hydroxymitragynine than its counterparts. White-vein Maeng Da tends to have more Mitragynine. Green-vein Maeng Da tends to have more of a balance between those two alkaloids.

About Kratom Extracts

Now that you understand Maeng Da, what makes it an extract? Kratom extracts are highly concentrated forms of kratom. So, each gram of Maeng Da kratom extract would contain the alkaloids found in several grams of Maeng Da kratom powder made from raw leaves.

Most extracts list their concentration in one of two ways. You may see a percentage, which indicates the concentration of kratom alkaloids in the product. For example, a finely powdered extract with a 45% concentration would have 45% of its mass made up of kratom alkaloids.

Or you may see an extract labeled with a ratio that compares it to regular Maeng Da powders. For example, an extract labeled 4x or 4:1 would have four times as many alkaloids per gram as regular kratom powder. Or a gram of it would have the alkaloids from four grams of powder.

Most Extracts Aren’t Just Made from Maeng Da

It is important to note that most extracts don’t come from a specific strain. As such, you are unlikely to find a full-spectrum Maeng Da extract or any Maeng Da kratom extract that comes solely from this strain. There are exceptions to this rule, but if you want an extract made only from Maeng Da kratom, your best option is to make it yourself. As a bonus, that will let you control whether you use Red Maeng Da kratom, Green Maeng Da, white, or a combination.

You can easily find Maeng Da kratom powder, leaves, or capsules, but these will not be concentrated forms.

How to Choose Your Maeng Da Kratom Extract

Whether you specifically look for an extract made from Maeng Da kratom or just want an extract featuring any strains, you want to consider a few crucial things.

Extract Form

The first thing to consider is how you prefer to enjoy your kratom. Kratom extracts include capsules, powders, liquid shots, and gummies. Liquid shots and powders give you more control over how much of the kratom products to consume. Meanwhile, gummies and capsules give you the convenience of being pre-measured. Gummies also hide the kratom flavor, as do some liquids. Powders and liquids are easy to mix into your favorite drink.


The other major consideration when choosing Maeng Da kratom products is the potency. Beginners should start with much lower concentrations and strongly consider using non-concentrated red vein kratom. Experienced users, on the other hand, may want higher concentrations in their kratom products.

Quality and Lab Testing

The previous considerations are personal preferences, but everyone should pay attention to kratom quality and lab testing. Kratom is not regulated, so you need to choose a manufacturer that is quality assured.

One easy-to-spot sign of a quality kratom product is if it has the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. This certification indicates standardization, testing, cleanliness, and quality.

You should also look for lab testing, ideally with published results. The best kratom brands will have an independent lab test their products. This confirms the concentration of alkaloids and that there are no potentially harmful or dangerous contaminants. Some companies just say they test their products but don’t share the results. The best will publish the results to give you additional confidence.


Maeng Da kratom is one of the most popular kratom varieties, thanks to the potency of the strain. Maeng Da extracts are rare, as most extracts are made from unspecified kratom strains. Whether you choose an extract made from Maeng Da kratom or other popular strains, look for a company that lab tests its products. This will give you confidence in the quality and safety of your Mitragyna speciosa extract.


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