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One of the reasons why so many love kratom is its sheer variety. Available in many strains, formulations, and delivery vehicles, there’s something for everyone. How you choose to consume kratom impacts both the effects felt, and duration of those effects. 

Today, we’re going to cover some of the various ways to take kratom. New users can check out the information below to learn more and have the best possible first kratom experience. You can also see the FAQ about kratom section to get detailed information. More experienced kratom users can find a few new ways to try it out.

Ready to get started? Let’s compare several popular methods for taking kratom.

Kratom Beverages (Tea, Smoothies, etc.)

Primarily made with loose-leaf kratom and powdered kratom, beverages containing kratom are a popular way to consume this plant. What’s great about this method is having so many options to choose from including teas, smoothies, and even seltzers.

Liquid extracts also exist, but with this more concentrated form of kratom, be sure to read the label for serving size information.

The most convenient kratom beverages are pre-made. But only buying pre-bottled kratom beverages can also get expensive, and produce a lot of plastic waste. A more cost-effective way to enjoy kratom is by making tea with the plant.

Brewing kratom tea gives you the freedom to make a traditional tea or get more experimental with flavors by adding honey, lemon, or other delicious ingredients.

Cup of kratom tea

When it kicks in, how long it lasts: Whether purchased or made at home, kratom beverages typically take about 20-30 minutes to kick in. Some people can feel the effects of kratom for a few hours using this method.

The Toss and Wash Method

While it’s not for everyone, the toss and wash method is a fast, simple, and effective way to take kratom. This method involves pouring liquid in your mouth followed by kratom powder or liquid extract. Tossing and washing became popular during the early days of kratom’s popularity before sweets, beverages, and other kratom-related products were available.

A user in a recent Reddit thread posted an upvoted comment about tossing and washing kratom that explains this method best.

  • Take a small sip of your beverage, keeping it in your mouth.
  • Pour your kratom powder or liquid dose into your mouth.
  • Quickly mix everything in your mouth and swallow.

Now, pouring dry kratom powder in your mouth without any liquid is a recipe for disaster. Remember the cinnamon challenge? You don’t want to accidentally end up choking and spraying the powder everywhere! 

You can add another drink of water or another chaser to finish washing the taste from your mouth, and to help stay hydrated when the kratom kicks in.

This method might seem complicated at first, but it gets easier with time. People prefer this method because it’s fast and helps tame the bitterness of kratom. The toss and wash is also far less expensive than buying premade kratom shots and teas.

Spoon of kratom powder next to cup of hot cocoa

When it kicks in, how long it lasts: Most people who toss and wash kratom feel its effects within about 30 minutes. The potency depends on how much powder or liquid kratom extract you use.

Quick and Clean (Tablets and Capsules)

Let’s be honest: The taste of kratom isn’t for everyone. Some people love kratom’s earthy taste, while others want no part of it. If you want kratom’s effects without the taste, you can enjoy this plant’s benefits by taking kratom capsules or tablets. A tablet consists of densely packed kratom. Capsules are dried gelatin or collagen that hold doses of kratom powder. Tablets or capsules are also great when you need to be discreet.

Kratom capsules on top of leaf

When it kicks in, how long it lasts: Because they must be broken down by your metabolism, tablets typically take a little longer than kratom beverages to take effect. However, they may also last longer because of this. Expect to begin feeling the effects of kratom tablets and capsules within 30-90 minutes.

Sweet and Yummy (Gummies and Other Sweets)

Another popular way to enjoy kratom without any bitter taste is by trying kratom-based sweets. Currently, an effective way to mask the taste of this plant is by taking kratom gummies. Some people feel that kratom gummies are even more effective at blocking kratom’s taste than teas and other beverages.

These are a great way to get your kratom if you don’t like swallowing tablets or capsules. You only need to chew up these gummies and swallow them, which makes them event and travel-friendly.


3 BOOST Bites gummies

When it kicks in, how long it lasts: Kratom gummies typically take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to take effect. In some rare situations, it may be up to two hours before you feel the effects of kratom gummies.

Find the Best Way to Take Kratom for You

When learning how to take kratom, you’ll find many popular methods. Whether you prefer soothing kratom extracts or shots that give you energy, consider mixing things up and enjoying the effects of kratom in several ways.

However you choose to use it, the best way to enjoy kratom is by choosing a dependable vendor that offers high-quality products. Check out MIT45 for a wide range of kratom products.

Stuart Oldroyd

Since discovering their benefits in his own life, Stuart’s passion has become learning about and sharing plant medicine benefits with the world. When not writing (with too many tabs open), you can find him in the sauna, hiking in the mountains, or traveling for street food.