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Whether it’s for an energy boost or greater mental clarity, anyone interested in using kratom must first decide what type of kratom makes sense for them. There are lots of choices on the market, each with their own pros and cons. In recent years, kratom extract chewables have become a lot more popular. We’ll help you understand why more people are choosing kratom edibles and chewable gummies in particular. 

Why Kratom Chewables are Becoming Popular

Everyone has a slightly different preference when it comes to consuming kratom. Some people prefer liquid shots for their highly concentrated extracts and flexibility. With kratom liquid extracts, you can consume just the kratom or add it to your favorite beverage. 

Others prefer capsules or tablets that are just as convenient and that you can swallow to avoid the taste of kratom altogether. Raw leaf kratom powder is great for traditionalists and for those looking to stay away from more potent forms of kratom extracts.  

That said, chewables are the latest trend in kratom use. They’re highly portable and pre-dosed, offering similar convenience to capsules except you don’t need water to wash them down. In fact, some people prefer chewables for their taste and to coat the back of their mouth and throat.

They also don’t need to necessarily have any ingredients other than the kratom extract, although some will. This contrasts with capsules which require some sort of coating to create the capsule. 

Consumption Methods: Chew, Suck, or Swallow Whole

Chewing up your kratom edible may help your body break down and absorb the extract locked inside, whereas slowly sucking on a kratom chewable may add 15-30 minutes to the absorption time. As with different methods for eating candy, some people prefer to chew up their kratom gummies to get the full blast of flavor, while others prefer to suck on the gummy to get their saliva flowing and to minimize any sticky feeling they get between their teeth. 

Given that the average serving size of our BOOST Bites is two gummies, some users quickly chew up and swallow the first gummy and then slowly suck on the second gummy to manage the onset of the kratom’s effects.

By swallowing the chewable whole, you won’t have to worry about the taste of your kratom, though most edibles including our own BOOST Bites have a sweet taste and aromatic flavor to create a pleasant experience. The role of first-pass metabolism in kratom absorption isn’t well understood, so we’re hesitant to say how swallowing a kratom chewable whole may affect its potency, other than to say our users haven’t reported significant differences in the kratom’s effects. If you want a no muss, no fuss kratom experience, our kratom capsules are a great choice including our Black Label capsules for those who want concentrated kratom extract in capsule form.

Kratom Gummies vs Other Edibles

There are two big reasons that kratom gummies are among the most popular type of edibles sold on the market: 

  1. It’s relatively easy to infuse gummies with a concentrated form of kratom extract.
  2. When properly packaged and stored, gummies have a very long shelf life.

Our gummies and other extracts stand on their own, but many people use raw leaf kratom powder to make tea, smoothies, juices, or one of their other favorite recipes. While our kratom is not intended to be a food additive, there are really countless ways people can make their own kind of kratom edibles.   


Collage of gummies and other chewable candies

Sales of gummies and other chewables have increased 13.7% in the last year with strong demand across the board for traditional products, better-for-you health varieties, as well as kratom and CBD-infused chewables.


Safety Tips for Kratom Extract Chewables 

We recommend you start with understanding the basics about what kratom is, how it affects the body, and the importance of getting your kratom from a reputable source. When consuming any active ingredient, it’s also smart to start with the lowest recommended amount and then increase your serving size gradually until you achieve the desired effect. 

Be sure you carefully read the product information to understand how potent your kratom extract chewables are. You need to look at both the amount AND the concentration of kratom extract in your product to get an accurate estimate of the product’s overall potency. Our BOOST Bites, for example, have a modest 10mg of extract in each gummy but with a very high 65% concentration of mitragynine. 

Much like the best practices for marijuana edibles, extra care should be taken in the storage and handling of your kratom chewables. One danger that’s unique to kratom edibles is making sure they’re kept away from small children. Any kratom product can be dangerous to a child’s health, but we recommend being extra careful not to leave any gummies where children can get to them. If you discover your child found your stash and ingested some kratom, we recommend immediately contacting the Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222.

Child in a devil's costume licking a hard candy in wrapper

If your kid gets sick from more than just sugar, it’s not just Halloween that can turn into a nightmare.


Conclusion: How to Shop for Kratom Extract Chewables

A simple online search will show you plenty of places to buy chewables online, but how do you choose? The first thing we recommend doing is looking for assurances that the products have undergone stringent and independent lab testing. Many industry-leading kratom manufacturers including MIT45 even publish their Certificate of Analysis which verifies their products meet industry regulations and quality standards. You can also check to see if the manufacturer has earned GMP-certification from the American Kratom Association. 

Once you’ve confirmed you’re dealing with a trusted and legitimate source of kratom, you can consider more common shopping factors like price, fast shipping, customer reviews, and more.  


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Jason Croxford

With 15 years of marketing experience under his belt, Jason is clearly a powerhouse. Lately, he’s turned that energy toward holistic health and biohacking to maximize his health and lengthen his lifespan. Jason is breathwork-certified and is working towards his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.