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To some kratom users, Red Maeng Da kratom extract may sound like the ultimate product. It has the red vein color that people gravitate toward, the street cred of the Maeng Da kratom strain brand, and the concentrated strength of an extract formulation. So, why then, is this type of product so hard to find? Simply put, there’s a difference between the best-sounding product name and the product that’s going to deliver the best kratom experience.  

Let’s do a deep dive, so you can be a more informed kratom consumer, and so you can sound extra smart at the next party. 

Background on Maeng Da Kratom

This strain originally hails from Thailand where farmers discovered kratom’s potential benefits and began to intentionally cultivate the plant for their personal use. Today, however, this kratom strain is cultivated in various locations, including Indonesia and Malaysia. Due to how long this strain has been cultivated and the popularity of the Maeng Da brand, these kratom products do tend to be a smidge stronger than other popular kratom strains sold under the same brand.

Red Maeng Da Extract, raw leaf source

However, at the same time, because it’s a branded product name that serves mostly as a marketing strategy, there are no real requirements about the cultivar’s origin, qualities, or alkaloid content—and little to no consistency between Maeng Da products from different manufacturers. And when you start talking about concentrated kratom extracts, the differences between strains, including those labeled as full-spectrum Maeng Da, are especially suspect.


Again, it’s unclear whether differences in strains come through in extracts at all. Even the differences in raw leaf kratom strains are hotly debated and greatly exaggerated by some kratom manufacturers.  

Because of this, many kratom extract products don’t directly list the strain used. As such, while it’s incredibly easy to find raw leaf Red Maeng Da kratom, you will have to look a lot harder if you want to know for sure an extract is made purely from Red Maeng Da.  

What About the Strain’s Red Color? Does it Matter?

Yes, the color makes a difference, but not necessarily in overall strength. It’s common for manufacturers and kratom users to claim that red kratom – in red vein kratom powder, red vein kratom capsules, or red vein kratom extract – is inherently stronger than green or white kratom strains. This is a myth. Instead, the color differences come from the fact that most types of red kratom have a lower mitragynine content but more of kratom’s secondary alkaloids. This is why red kratom is described as more soothing and calming than white or green varieties, but the strength is more about the total amount of kratom extract you take and how concentrated the various alkaloids are.  

Likewise, other sources claim that white and green vein kratom are inherently stronger because they have a higher concentration of mitragynine, but this, too, is a misleading claim.  

Acrobat gymnast demonstrating Bherundasana pose

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While in theory the effects of Red Maeng Da kratom are similar whether in its raw or concentrated form, the reality can be quite different. Most extracts act a little more quickly than raw leaf kratom. Likewise, kratom extracts with very highly concentrated mitragynine may lose some of the qualities created by kratom’s secondary alkaloids.  

The general guideline that smaller servings of kratom offer more energizing effects, while larger servings of kratom, paradoxically, create more calming effects also applies to this extract. However, if you’re a first-time user, the most important thing is to understand how you personally react to kratom. So, start with a smaller amount and gradually increase your serving size until you find the sweet spot.  

Final Shopping Tip

As always, no matter what type of kratom you’re into, make sure it comes from a GMP-certified manufacturer that publishes the results of their lab tests through a Certificate of Analysis 

Jason Croxford

With 15 years of marketing experience under his belt, Jason is clearly a powerhouse. Lately, he’s turned that energy toward holistic health and biohacking to maximize his health and lengthen his lifespan. Jason is breathwork-certified and is working towards his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.