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Red Kratom Extract

Learn about red kratom extract, including if it’s different from other types of extract. Refresh your memory on kratom concentration and finding safe kratom.
Red Vein Kratom Leaf

Those familiar with kratom know that it’s commonly divided into types by veins. You can regularly choose between red vein, green vein, white vein, and yellow vein kratom. While distinctions are less common for kratom extract, they do exist. Before you search for red vein kratom extract, make sure you understand what it is and if it is any different from other types of extract.

Is Red Vein Kratom Extract Available?

To start, can you even find red vein kratom extract if you want it? The short answer is yes, you can, but expect it to be a lot harder to find than a generic kratom extract without any specific type of kratom. Most of the kratom extracts on the market don’t specify which strain or color of kratom they are made from. Instead, they just specify the concentration of kratom alkaloids or potency.

But a handful of vendors do sell red kratom extracts. In some cases, if you want an extract made from red vein kratom, you will have to look for a particular strain that you know is red. Red Maeng Da kratom is a common example of this and is available as an extract powder. You could also look for other red vein kratom strains, such as Indo, Sumatra, Bali, or Thai.

That being said, some online vendors also sell red kratom that isn’t from a specific strain. For example, you can find liquid extract made from red kratom with no additional information on the strain.

Is Red Vein Kratom Extract Different from Other Kratom Extracts? Does the Vein Type Affect the Extract?

If you are an experienced kratom user, then you know that choosing a different vein type can affect your experience with the kratom leaves. But what about with extracts? The short answer is that it doesn’t seem to have an effect. There isn’t much research into kratom, so this is not known. But given how few brands even specify the strain or vein type of their kratom extract – and the fact that users don’t care – it doesn’t seem to matter.

Of course, you are welcome to try various extracts yourself to see if different vein types affect you differently. Just don’t expect as big of a difference with extracts as you would with raw leaves or raw powder.

A Refresher on Differences Between Vein Colors

If you do decide to specifically look for red vein kratom extract or another vein type, you may want a refresher on the differences between various colors.

Red vein kratom comes from leaves that are fully matured. They have the most balanced of the alkaloid profiles based on different veins. For many people, this means they are the most potent.

Green vein kratom has medium-level maturity. Many people prefer green-veined kratom because the effects tend to last longer and be more subtle.

White vein kratom is picked when the leaves are not as mature. These strains tend to be more relaxing than others. They are also much rarer, so expect to pay more for them.

You will also see the term yellow kratom at times. It is usually made by combining the leaves of other colored strains. Some also create it via a unique drying process that starts with red leaves. There are also some theories that you can get yellow vein kratom by picking the leaves even later in their life span.

Standardized Extracts vs. X Extracts

Whether you look for kratom extract made from red vein kratom or another type, you will notice two main categories. Some extracts have “x” in their name, while others are standardized. These are simply different ways of measuring the potency or concentration of alkaloids.

A standardized extract will have a set concentration of kratom alkaloids in every unit, typically measured as a percentage. The products also frequently list the quantity of Mitragynine in grams. This lets you evaluate the concentration in raw numbers, whether that is grams or percentage.

By contrast, X extracts list their potency in terms of how it compares to a raw powder (non-extract). If you see a 10x extract, this means that it is 10 times as concentrated as the equivalent amount of raw powder. Or that a single gram of the extract has the alkaloids from 10 grams of raw powder. So, a 50x kratom extract is 50 times as concentrated as the equivalent amount of raw kratom product.

How to Choose Red Vein Kratom Extract – Or Any Other Extract

Whether you decide to look for red kratom extract or look for an extract from any kratom strain, you want to focus on a few things.

Always Buy from a Reputable Vendor

The most important thing is to always buy red vein strains or any other kratom product from a reputable vendor. This is important as kratom products are a dietary supplement and not closely regulated. Reputable vendors make up for this lack of regulation with lab testing and certificates of analysis to give you confidence in the safety of their products. Never buy kratom products without lab testing of some sort.

You should also consider looking at reviews for your chosen vendor before buying any mitragyna speciosa product. This is another way to confirm the product’s quality. It will also let you choose a vendor with good customer service that will ship kratom products discretely and quickly.

Consider Personal Preferences (Strains and Format)

Of course, you will also want to consider your personal preferences. As mentioned, red vein kratom strains won’t necessarily deliver different results in extracts than white vein kratom or green vein kratom. But there is nothing wrong with choosing red kratom for your extract because you prefer red vein kratom when enjoying it raw or in powder.

You will also want to consider what type of kratom extract you prefer. Do you like kratom powder, liquids, chewables, capsules, or another form?


You can find extracts made from red kratom, but it is much easier to find extracts made from unspecified strains. The vein type should not affect the extract’s effects, but there is nothing wrong with following your personal preferences. Just make sure to buy from an AKA-approved kratom vendor.