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Kratom edibles may seem intimidating, but they are actually one of the most approachable types of kratom on the market. From gummies to chewables, there’s something for everyone. Delivered in a tasty form, kratom gummies provide a portable, pre-measured way to take herbal goodness on-the-go.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about kratom gummies and other types of edibles.

BOOST Bites kratom gummies in three different flavorsWhat Are Edibles? 

Although there isn’t a universally accepted definition, the term “edibles” is considered a slang term used to describe some sort of substance-infused food product. Alcohol, cannabis, and kratom-infused edibles have become increasingly popular in recent years. 

Edibles are well-liked as an easy way to ingest a desired substance. Often, edibles are able to make herbs and botanicals more tasty for those who appreciate their properties but aren’t a big fan of the “natural” or herby flavor.

Exploring Different Types of Kratom Edibles 

Many types of kratom edibles exist, including kratom gummies and kratom chewables (sometimes called kratom extract chewables). Edibles are available in a variety of textures, too. Some edibles have a soft texture like gummy bears. Other types of edibles have a harder texture like cough drops. 

Do keep an eye on the suggested serving size — it’s easy to go overboard on kratom when it’s included in a sweet treat! 

Luckily, gummies are also a beginner friendly edible. They remind many people of the fun gummy multivitamins they took as kids, which was an exciting way to get needed nutrients. Incorporating edibles into your routine is a great way to make the day more fun and it gives you something to look forward to when it comes to wellness.

5 Reasons to Give Gummies a Go

Woman about to eat a gummy treat

Feeling like gummies could be a good fit for you? Here are a few reasons why kratom bites might make sense for your lifestyle.

1. Friendly for First-Timers

As mentioned above, gummies and chewables with kratom are great for first-time kratom consumers. Edibles make it easy to get roughly the same amount each time, especially if they are store-bought instead of homemade. With fun shapes and flavors, edibles can be an accessible, approachable way to consume kratom. 

2. Easily Alter Your Experience

Your method of ingestion may alter how you experience kratom. Savoring a hard candy or gummy edible (i.e. sucking on it for a few minutes) may introduce the compounds contained in your saliva. When these compounds are held in the mouth, they are typically absorbed into the bloodstream through the body tissues of your cheek. As a result, the onset may be felt more quickly than with other methods. 

On the other hand, chewing and swallowing gummies (or other edibles) means they make their way through the body via the digestive system. Since digestion takes some time, onset may occur later if you choose to ingest this way. In other words, anything traveling through the digestive tract won’t be as “fast-acting” as other methods. 

That being said, a gummy held in the mouth may take up to 20 or 30 minutes to dissolve, compared to chewing the gummy into small bits. Thus, the fastest onset will come from chewing and then holding the pieces in your mouth. The slowest onset results from swallowing the gummy whole. 

Confused? Here’s the good news — edibles can be enjoyed either way! Most edibles can either be sucked on or chewed up, giving you multiple options and allowing you to have a unique experience each time. Simply do what works best for you. 

3. Superior Taste

Gummies are also great for beginners thanks to their delicious flavor. Sometimes, the strong botanical or herbal taste turns people off at first exposure. With gummies, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with kratom plus craveable flavors

4. Convenience That Can’t Be Beat

Edibles and gummies have an edge up on other forms of kratom. Since they are small in size, they can be transported more easily than unwieldy bottles or packages of powder

Like low-profile kratom extract pouches, you can easily take gummies on-the-go. Simply slip one or two gummies into a snack size bag or pill pouch and you can take your kratom with you in a discreet way. 

5. Naturally Energizing Alternative 

If you’re replacing your coffee habit, kratom could be a fit for you. For reasons not totally understood by science yet, kratom is reported to have an invigorating effect in small amounts. While coffee can give you an afternoon “crash,” kratom is thought to provide pleasant, natural effects without the jitters.

Finding the Right Gummies for You

As you may already know from reading about other kratom products, not all kratom extracts are created equal. Some brands choose cheaper methods of extraction, which yield a lower-quality product in the end. 

At MIT45, we take a lot of pride in our unique, high-quality extraction process, which includes rigorous testing. Our top priority is to bring you the safest, most potent product possible. Beyond being compliant with industry standards, we use a Triple Purification Process to ensure purity and consistency with each product you pick up.

If you’re interested in learning more about how MIT45 stands out compared to other brands, explore more on quality assurance

BOOST Bites product packaging and gummy samples

A pleasant flavor is one popular perk of edibles. BOOST Bites come in three tasty flavors—Lemon-Lime, Pineapple-Mango, and Strawberry. Yum!

All About Our Kratom Gummies 

We might be biased, but we really do believe our BOOST Bites are some of the best kratom edibles available. Each gummy contains 10mg of kratom extract (Mitragyna speciosa) and 3mg of caffeine (from tea leaf extract, a natural source of caffeine) for added support and an enhanced experience. 

Since gummies do contain higher concentration of kratom than our other products (with 65% Mitragyna speciosa), we recommend first-timers start with half a gummy to one gummy and then work their way up in half gummy increments. Thanks to their chewy texture, our gummies can be cut in half as needed if you want to be more conservative regarding serving size. 

As a general rule, it’s always a good idea to start on the smaller end of a serving size range and then gradually increase the amount you take until you experience the desired effect. Kratom affects each person differently, so this practice can help you ease into a new form of kratom until you know how it will affect you personally. 

Since we want your first kratom experience to be a good one, we strongly suggest you read our product information and visit our FAQ page for general guidance in buying and using MIT45 kratom.

In Conclusion on Kratom-Infused Edibles 

Edibles have a long list of pros, with nearly the only con being extended onset (thanks to the digestive process). From exciting flavors to exact, pre-measured amounts, gummies can be a great way to experience kratom for both first-timers and long-time consumers. As always, it’s recommended to find reputable companies to purchase from and to start with a small amount as you work your way up to the recommended range of serving sizes.


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Annika Weeks

Annika Weeks ("Anni") is a registered nutrition and dietetic technician (NDTR). With expertise as a health professional and experience as a patient in the healthcare system, she hopes to bridge gaps by creating more credible nutrition, health, and wellness information online.