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Is UltraMIT right for me?

Over the last few years, the kratom market has exploded with innovative, impressive developments in product formulation. No longer is boiling tea your only option—from capsules to concentrate, and shots to gummies, kratom users can personalize how they take kratom based on desired effects, delivery mechanism, and even judge products based on strength and purity.

UltraMIT, our latest offering, is a new and inventive kratom shot launching this week. It’s not your typical kratom shot, though—the minds behind UltraMIT created a proprietary blend of extracts that deliver a new kind of kratom experience. It’s more customizable and stronger, while also delivering a smoother experience.The formulation is innovative, with a thoughtfully balanced blend of different mitragynines for sustained energy and superior focus without the jitters or crashes.

What sets UltraMIT apart from other kratom shots?

So what exactly is so great about UltraMIT? For starters, think of UltraMIT as similar to a coffee concentrate—a powerful kick in a small bottle with a precise amount of milligrams per serving. You decide how much you want at any given time.

UltraMIT was formulated with strength and efficiency in mind, so you can take less kratom and get the same effects. The formulators behind the UltraMIT blend had specific goals—they wanted to deliver a superior energy boost with a uniquely clean, non-jittery experience. Citric acid was added to the formula to help the body absorb more kratom extract and improve taste.

UltraMIT product image

The higher concentration of mitragynine in UltraMIT was developed for experienced kratom users. The bottle has a convenient dropper, making it easy to fine-tune serving size. Order UltraMIT!

What sets the formulation apart? What are the advantages?

UltraMIT’s formulation is genuinely unique. The team that developed the blend wanted to strike the perfect balance between mitragynine-dominant and mitragynine-light extracts. While MIT45 can’t disclose the exact ratios of UltraMIT’s proprietary formula, the combination of extracts optimizes mitragynine levels while mitigating any potential jitteriness through the calming influence of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The liquid kratom extract undergoes a Triple Purification Process to ensure that each bottle of UltraMIT contains precisely 300 milligrams of kratom extract (7-14 servings) with a 75% concentration. For seasoned kratom users, starting with a single dropper of the liquid (40mg) and gradually increasing to two for optimal results is recommended.

Focusing on a clean energy boost, UltraMIT offers a high-percentage mitragynine extract for that big energy lift, while the lower-percentage mitragynine extract provides clean, jitter-free energy. The overall blend offers the best of both worlds, setting UltraMIT apart from the rest.

How is UltraMIT different from other MIT45 formulations?

Based on recommended serving sizes, MIT45, Super K, and Super K Extra Strong are stronger than UltraMIT. But UltraMIT might very well be the best. Why? UltraMIT stands out as the meticulously blended, mid-level shot that offers a fine-tuned, uplifting experience. With our highest extract concentration, you get the same effects from less product, so you can keep the bottle for a while and experiment with the amount that works for you.

Mit45 Liquids Product Line Collection.

Still new to liquid kratom shots? Prefer an extract with less mitragynine but more 7-hydroxymitragynine? Check out our full lineup of kratom liquids.

Can I make my own blend?

Mixing different raw leaf kratom strains, which come with a relatively low mitragynine concentration, is one thing. But with more concentrated kratom products (like shots or extracts), it’s not a good idea to try mixing them yourself. For that matter, we also caution against making your own kratom extracts, despite the availability of online guides for DIY kratom extract.

Different kratom extracts have varying profiles of mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and other active compounds. Combining extracts can lead to unpredictable effects and a poor kratom experience. Purity can also vary widely between different suppliers and quality control issues can introduce impurities into the kratom, adding another layer of potential risks. It’s better to leave blended extract formulations to the professionals.


Discover for yourself why UltraMIT is truly a game-changer in the world of kratom shots. Whether you’re used to brewing kratom tea and chewing on kratom gummies, or you’re just ready to try a different liquid kratom, UltraMIT offers the perfect excuse to expand your kratom palette.


Ford, Nigel. “Step-By-Step DIY Kratom Extracts.” Published February 2022.

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