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Is Kratom Legal in California?

Know the Relevant State and Local Laws

Except for the cities of San Diego and Oceanside, kratom is mostly legal in California. Unfortunately, kratom is also still mostly unregulated in the state, but positive changes are likely coming on both the state and local level. If enacted, new laws will increase access to kratom and reduce the likelihood that adulterated or contaminated kratom finds its way to local store shelves.  

The good news is that you don’t have to wait. You can find easily accessible kratom of the highest quality right here with MIT45.

Especially if you’re a regular kratom user or know someone who might benefit from this plant-based energy, you should know more about the exact rules as they stand today and how they may change in the near future.

Kratom’s Legal and Regulatory Status in California 

If there’s one thing that both outsiders and long-time residents know about California’s governing philosophy, it’s that the state likes to take a proactive approach to industry and consumer regulations. Thus, it’s no great surprise that San Diego and Oceanside banned kratom in the mid-2010’s during the “bath salt drugs” and “spice” public health scares.   

But then why hasn’t the rest of the state—where kratom is legal—created kratom consumer protections and industry regulations?  

One possibility is the view that existing Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Laws provide some basic consumer protections and product safety standards. However, these laws don’t explicitly mention kratom, and many state lawmakers would like to codify specific regulations for the kratom industry. 

That said, the process of enacting a kratom consumer protection law is still in its infancy with Bill2365 introduced in the California Assembly by Matt Haney on Feb 12th, 2024.  

You may also be surprised to hear about how lax the enforcement of local kratom bans have been. Indeed, while kratom is illegal in San Diego, it may not be as hard to find kratom in local shops as you or the local authorities might assume. According to researchers at Stanford University, kratom was available for sale in 46.2% of smoke and vape shops in San Diego.   

Want Proof Kratom is Legal in California? Order MIT45 Products Now! 

So long as you’re not in San Diego or Oceanside, you’re not going to have much problem finding kratom legally, but one way to get surefire proof is to make a purchase with MIT45. Unlike many smoke and vape shops in San Diego, we’re not about to risk huge fines or getting shut down altogether by selling and shipping kratom to places where it’s banned. 

More to this point, we don’t accept orders or ship kratom to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, or numerous local jurisdictions for precisely this reason. Check out our wide assortment of kratom products including: 

Got a Legal or Public Health Question? 

We wish we knew every single legal and public health nuance of California kratom regulations. We wish we could anticipate every possible question and set of personal circumstances. We have a few more resources to share for kratom drug testing and social consequences, but if you still have legal or public health questions, here are some relevant state agencies you can contact: 

The Office of the Attorney General 

With a simple search for kratom, you can see both past and current instances of violations from kratom manufacturers and vendors. This is a case of it’s better to be safe than sorry. Few notifications will directly impact your buying decisions, but once in a blue moon, it could help you avoid a worst-case scenario.

Attorney General’s Office 

California Department of Justice 

Attn: Public Inquiry Unit 

P.O. Box 944255 

Sacramento, CA 94244-2550 

(916) 210-6276 

Contact Form 

The Department of Public Health 

Another way to guard against running into truly dangerous kratom products is to use the California Department of Public Health search tool. Again, a simple search for kratom will show results that include safety recalls for contaminated or otherwise dangerous kratom products. 

California Department of Public Health 

Food and Drug Safety 

PO Box 997435, MS 7602

Sacramento, CA 95899 

(916) 650-6500 

Contact Form 

The State Board of Pharmacy 

Some states ask their Board of Pharmacy to focus on licensing and monitoring pharmacists and pharmacies. Others take a more proactive approach in classifying and regulating prescription medications and over-the-counter health supplements. 

It’s at least possible that the California Board of Pharmacy could take on a much greater role administering kratom regulations in California, depending on what happens with adding new kratom consumer protections to the existing Sherman laws.  

California State Board of Pharmacy 

2720 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 100

Sacramento, CA 95833 

(916) 518-3100 

Contact Form 

Want to Be an Advocate for Kratom? 

Let’s start by acting locally. Especially if you live in San Diego, we strongly encourage you to contact your City Councilmember and voice your support for commonsense access and regulations. Help more people discover the potential benefits of kratom and remove adulterated forms of kratom from being sold as black-market street drugs.  

A new statewide Kratom Consumer Protection law is also far from a given at this point. Contact your state Assembly Member or Senator directly or monitor legislative updates to know when public hearings and/or online forums may be scheduled for this kratom legislation.  

Finally, be part of the national movement to regulate the kratom industry. Share your story about how kratom has helped you or somewhere you care about, or how well-intentioned kratom bans have actually done more harm than good. 

Where to Find Kratom in California Legally 

There may not be a brick-and-mortar shop selling kratom on every corner, but generally, you won’t have to go that far to find kratom in California. Due to the asymmetrical boundaries of the city limits, even many San Diego residents in the city center are just a short drive away from National City where kratom is sold legally—although bringing the kratom back home with you is technically illegal. 

Other popular options include ordering kratom online or visiting a kava bar for people who like to take kratom in social settings. 

Looking for specific recommendations for the best bars and local shops? Use our city-by-city guide including opportunities to make new friends by finding like-minded kratom fans in your community.    

More Tips for Buying Kratom in California 

Of course, if you’re driving in LA or the Bay Area, even stores in your general vicinity may not make for an easy errand to run. Even those within a short walking distance of a retail store may find shopping online is the better choice. That’s because the advantages of buying online are just too good to ignore. 

  • You can find a lot more product and manufacturer information online than the tiny labels on kratom shot bottles. 
  • You’ll be able to see a manufacturer’s entire product lineup, rather than just what the store happens to have room for. 
  • You can take advantage of loyalty rewards and automated subscription programs to get the best price and a steady supply of kratom without adding another chore to your household list.  

Drug Testing, Work Culture, and Employment Policies 

More than just knowing where to buy kratom, a lot of people want to know if they need to be concerned by an employer with an active drug testing policy. The answer is probably not, but it’s hard to know for sure.  

Yes, if an employer specifically asks to include kratom as part of the employee screening, the substance can be detected on a drug test. However, the standard 5- and 10-panel drug tests that most companies use do not screen for kratom.  

Though rare, a worst-case would be your kratom use returning a false positive for opiates. If you’re confident that your employer won’t mind your kratom use, it may even be a good idea to disclose this information to your supervisor or Human Resources.  

Despite the state’s reputation for having onerous laws and regulations, California is still an at-will employment state. This means you or your company can terminate the employee-employer relationship at any time and for any reason—or no reason at all—so long as that reason doesn’t run afoul of discrimination laws.