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Kratom Extract Tablets

Find out more about kratom extract tablets, including the differences between tablets and capsules, the effects, and the best brands of these tablets to buy.

You can choose how to enjoy your kratom extract, with tablets being one of the many options available. While tablets can be harder to find than some other forms of kratom extract, they are easy enough to spot if you know where to look. We’ve rounded up the top kratom extract tablet brands to get you started.

Kratom Tablets vs. Capsules

Before getting into the top brands for kratom tablets, it’s worth noting what makes them different from capsules. This is the form they are most commonly compared to, as you take both orally. But they have some important differences that mean you will likely choose one or the other, not use them interchangeably.

Binding Method

One of the biggest differences between the two is their binding agent. Kratom tablets are typically just made of kratom powder and a binding agent. That binding agent is what lets the powder hold its shape as a tablet. There are several binding agents possible, including gelatin, starch, silicified microcrystalline cellulose, and sucrose, among others.

Capsules, by contrast, are kratom powder inside a thin gelatin shell (or a gel cap).


You can taste the kratom in tablets but not the kratom in capsules, thanks to the way they are formed.

Digestion and Timing

The other big difference to be aware of is that with tablets, you start to notice the effects of kratom sooner and they last longer. The density of the tablets means that your stomach will take a while to fully break it down. By contrast, capsules will take a little longer for the initial effects, but the full dose of kratom (so the full effects) is experienced as soon as those effects hit.

So, kratom tablets are ideal if you are okay with the taste of kratom and want quicker effects that last for longer. Capsules are ideal if you don’t like the flavor of kratom and are willing to wait slightly longer for full effects at once.

Best Kratom Extract Tablet Brands

With a better idea of what kratom tablets are, consider some of the best brands offering them.


Kratom tablets are just one of the many options you have when it comes to selecting kratom products. They are highly portable. Compared to kratom capsules, the onset of effects from tablets is faster and lasts longer. When choosing where to buy your tablets, make sure to choose a vendor that uses quality extract. Read real reviews to confirm the reputation of the vendor, as well as the star rating of the product. When looking at reviews, use the rating scores filter to limit results to only those from a verified reviewer.

And confirm the kratom products are what you want. Look at the tablets’ quantity and confirm the in-stock product is made from extract, not raw plant. Remember that while fast shipping is helpful, good rating scores and a strong reputation are more important. This will ensure the quality of the product.