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Games have always been good for what ails you. For both serious gamers (and even us casuals), is there anything better than booting up your system or PC, and just playing? After the end of a stressful day, or on a chill weekend, we love getting lost in a quick game…or sometimes a lot longer than that.

But could our favorite games get even better? With some quality kratom, they just might. 

Just want to see the top games? Click here to see our list of the best games for kratom users in 2023.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why many gamers and board game players choose to use kratom while playing. We’ll discuss what makes a great game for kratom use, and the best kratom for gaming including kratom with timed-base games.

We’re even sharing our top 10 best games for kratom, and our top 10 board games for kratom. Ready to dive in? Pull up that favorite chair, grab your favorite snack and strain, and let’s go!

What Makes a Game Great to Play with Kratom?

Many users report that kratom gives them an energized feeling. Does that sound like your experience? Fast-paced, action-packed games are a natural fit. Games with lots of activity and intense storylines are great to play while using kratom, and are sure to keep the vibes going.

Platforming games, or games with short ‘rounds,’ levels, or matches are also top contenders when you’re looking for a game to play while using kratom. The fast pace of the game makes it easy to get into that flow state where time passes quickly, and the ‘grind’ that some games require feels a whole lot smoother.

Gamer with console in deep concentration

Other factors to consider? Engaging gameplay and game design are at the top of the list. We like to get lost in the world of our games, and taking kratom can definitely help you get immersed.

At the end of the day, games are just supposed to be fun—so pick the game that fits you! In the mood for a more laid-back, relaxing session? You won’t enjoy a frenzied first-person shooter. If you like an RPG, a racer, or something completely different, kratom can elevate your experience. We also have tips to help people get back into gaming.

What Kratom is Best for Gaming?

Not sure where to start with kratom? Just like any list of the best games, the best kratom for gaming is subjective. Each person is going to have different needs, and a different experience.

Generally speaking, however, green vein and white vein kratom strains are believed to be better at providing an energy boost. That makes them a great choice for a more upbeat game session.

Red vein kratom is reported to be more relaxing. This could be a good option if you’re really looking to unwind with a slower-paced game.

MIT45 Boost kratom shot for gaming

For more potent options, check out our BOOST shot, aka Lightning in a Bottle, as well as our entire collection of kratom extracts. Find the best option for your game night.

Our Top 10 Video Games for Kratom Users

Here it is, the long-awaited list. These are some of our favorite current video games to play while using kratom. These games are high in replay value, and are sure to take your kratom experience to the next level again and again!

  1. “Dying Light 2: Stay Human”: Looking for a more intense gaming experience? “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” is a survival horror game that challenges players to survive in a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic world.
  2. “Elden Ring”: Developed by FromSoftware, “Elden Ring” is an action role-playing game set in an open fantasy world created with Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin.This 2022 IGN Game of the Year is perfect for kratom users who enjoy challenging gameplay, and you can spend hours grinding through a difficult section.
  3. “Far Cry 6”: From Ubisoft, “Far Cry 6” is a first-person shooter game that features an open world and a compelling storyline. This first-person shooter has fast-paced action, and can be played alone or with friends.Kratom users will love exploring the colorful, tropical island and causing some chaos.
  4. “Gotham Knights”: Developed by WB Games, “Gotham Knights” is an action role-playing game that takes players into their favorite comic books. This game has fast-paced action, and you can play alone or team up with some friends to take down the baddies.
  5. “God of War Ragnarök”: From Sony Interactive Entertainment, “Ragnarök,” as it is often simply called, is the latest story of Kratos facing off against vengeful gods. This action-adventure game features incredible world design, and an award-winning storyline set in the world of Norse mythology
  6. “Kerbal Space Program”: This space simulator allows players to take charge of an entire alien world’s space program, using realistic physics, hundreds of rocket parts, and more factors than we can list here. Kratom users and gamers looking for an in-depth, analytical game that they can really get into will be very happy to blast off with the Kerbals.
  7. “Stray”: Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, “Stray” is a completely unique game that allows you to play as an adorable cat. Explore a neon cyberpunk city through the eyes of this feline, combining classic platformer gameplay and great action. This game is great for a relaxing kratom gaming experience.
  8. “Hogwarts Legacy”: Developed by Avalanche Software, Hogwarts Legacy finally allows Potterheads to enter the Wizarding World, and get your letter to Hogwarts. The open-world gameplay has plenty of secrets for curious players to discover, and its engaging gameplay will keep kratom users active and engaged for hours. Check it out to see why IGN ranked it as one of the biggest games of 2023.  
  9. “Deathloop”: Created by Arkane Studios, “Deathloop” is a first-person shooter game featuring time loops and assassins. This game has fast-paced gameplay and a retro aesthetic that will keep players hooked for hours. Plus, it’s a great game to play while on kratom because you can “loop” your experience over and over again.
  10. “Halo Infinite”: The latest in the storied Halo franchise, “Halo Infinite” is a first-person shooter game that features fast-paced action, and endless multiplayer potential. This game is perfect for kratom users to spend an evening blowing each other up.
Two Guardian figurines from Halo Infinite video game

Many of today’s best games also have old-fashioned collectibles you can display to show off your love of a particular game.

Best Board Games for Kratom Users

Prefer to get your game on offline? We’ve got great picks for analog games to play on kratom as well! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite board games and card games to play when using kratom, though there are sure to be hundreds that we’ve missed. 

Don’t see your favorite? Be sure to let us know!

  1. “Secret Hitler”: Always wanted to wildly accuse your friends and family of being fascists? Here’s your chance! Secret Hitler is a “werewolf” style game, where a secret team of fascists try to elect their teammate to the rank of Chancellor. Keeping suspicion at bay is the name of the game here! Whether you’re trying to find the fascists, or elect them, kratom users looking for an active, outspoken game night are sure to be satisfied.
  2. “Dungeons & Dragons”: While it’s been around for decades, Stranger Things and Critical Role have brought D&D more into the mainstream than ever. You and your crew create characters and tell creative, fantastical stories together in a world that you create. Grab some snacks, roll some dice, slay some monsters—what more could you want?
  3. “Cards Against Humanity”: This party game involves asking players to respond to a prompt with the funniest, most outrageous responses possible. With some truly hilarious responses (often PG-13 or above) it can lead to a lot of laughs. Does kratom make everything funnier? Maybe not everything, but you can find out!
    Card back from Cards Against Humanity

    Fun but edgy, and some people think the game should be banned altogether. It’s no wonder that Cards Against Humanity is popular with many kratom users.

  4. “Betrayal at House on the Hill”: This board game is a creepy, atmospheric tale of a night at a haunted mansion. The twist? The game never unfolds the same way twice! Can you survive the night, and the devious betrayal of your fellow players? Play your cards right, and you just may. 
  5. “Monopoly”: The classic real estate board game is a great match for a kratom session. Make your way around the board and build your empire with clear-headed focus. Just try not to end up in jail!
  6. “Codenames”: This board game is a spy-themed word game that can be played with friends or alone. It has fast-paced gameplay and is perfect for kratom users who enjoy brain teasers. This spy-themed word game will test your communication skills, and your ability to read your friends’ minds. For kratom users looking for a brain teaser, this rapid-fire game is perfect for a casual night in.
  7. “Splendor”:  Easy to learn, but difficult to master, Splendor has you playing the roles of competing gem merchants. Buy up mines and sabotage your opponents at every turn as you collect points to win. Gameplay is strategic, but certainly relaxed, making it a great match for kratom use.
  8. “Solitaire”: Looking for a little alone time with your kratom? Whether you choose the desktop or old-school playing card version, this single-player card game is a relaxing game to play while using kratom or even as part of your breathwork and meditation practice.
  9. “Hearts”: Another classic card game, this one is a perennial favorite for a reason. Casual and strategic at the same time, avoid taking heart cards to score points. This is a great game for kratom as you can really relax and chat with friends, while still using those strategic muscles.
  10. “Mysterium”: With gorgeous artwork and fully cooperative gameplay, this is a great game to play without that competitive edge. Players interpret visual clues left by a ghost to solve a murder, leaving lots of room for your creativity to shine.


Did we list your favorite game? From A-list video games to classic card games, there’s lots of ways to unwind. And paired with some high-quality kratom extract, your next game night can be the best yet. Take advantage of MIT45’s full range of products, and find the perfect match for your next match.

Explore our blog to find more ways to enjoy your kratom responsibly.


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Stuart Oldroyd

Since discovering their benefits in his own life, Stuart’s passion has become learning about and sharing plant medicine benefits with the world. When not writing (with too many tabs open), you can find him in the sauna, hiking in the mountains, or traveling for street food.