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One of the many forms of enjoying kratom is with extracts. Among these, full-spectrum extracts are incredibly popular. But before you choose full-spectrum options over others, it’s smart to understand what this type of extract is as well as why people choose them.

What Is Full-Spectrum Kratom Extract?

To understand full-spectrum kratom extracts, you need to have an idea of what extracts are. An extract is a kratom product with a very high concentration of kratom alkaloids. An extract will have several times the number of kratom alkaloids as would be found naturally in the same amount of plant matter. As such, kratom extracts are best for experienced kratom users, and even then, it’s best to use a smaller dose, at least at first.

With that in mind, what is a full-spectrum extract of kratom? It’s an extract made up of various strains and vein colors to create the optimal combination. Full-spectrum extracts are the result of careful trial and error as well as testing to create that balance. You wouldn’t be able to get the same results if you tried to randomly combine various types of strains yourself.

Why Do People Choose Full-Spectrum Extract?

Because full-spectrum extract comes from multiple strains, it tends to have a larger diversity of alkaloids. The most common alkaloid in most kratom extracts is Mitragynine. Other common alkaloids in kratom extracts include paynantheine, speciogynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Overall, there are more than 50 other alkaloids in kratom.

It’s important to keep in mind that while there are dozens of alkaloids that can appear in kratom and kratom extracts, most only appear in very small quantities. Even so, they still tend to influence the effects of the strain.

Simply put, people who choose full-spectrum extracts tend to appreciate the combination of effects from various strains. It delivers more of a balance, helping you experience all the effects that you want and expect from kratom.

How Is Full-Spectrum Extract Different than Other Extracts?

The biggest difference of a full-spectrum extract is the fact that it comes from multiple strains, so it has more alkaloid variety. There are certainly other extracts that are made up of more than one strain. But those still tend to have less variety.

But there are also some important similarities between full-spectrum extracts and other extracts. Both can come in a variety of forms, including liquids, powders, and capsules. Both are also highly concentrated, so you need a much smaller quantity of the extract than you would of raw powder.

Typical Pricing

As expected, the price of a full-spectrum extract will depend on multiple factors. The concentration will play a large role, as that influences how much kratom was needed to create the extract. Pricing will also depend on the type of extract (such as liquid or powder) and the company manufacturing it. Many extracts also contain other ingredients, and those may cost more because of those additions. As with all kratom products, always pay a few more dollars for a full-spectrum extract from a reputable manufacturer and retailer. Trying to save a few bucks can lead to low-quality or even dangerous extracts.

With that in mind, what are some average prices for kratom extracts? You can find kratom shots for anywhere from $7 to $30. Most companies will offer a variety of options at varying price points based on the concentration of the extract and the size of the bottle. Another type of liquid is a tincture, which can cost anywhere from $14 to $40 for a bottle containing a few doses. You can find capsules for about $10 each, with wide variations based on concentration. Powders can be $20 to $60 for two or so grams.

In all of these cases, expect to pay more for full-spectrum kratom products that are more concentrated.

How to Confirm the Quality

We mentioned that you want to pay a little more if it gets you better-quality kratom or a product from a better vendor. But how do you know? Look for AKA-approved kratom vendors who meet GMP Compliance standards. You should also look for a high star rating on products. It’s also smart to read reviews about both your chosen vendor and the product you choose.


Full-spectrum kratom combines multiple kratom strains to give you a wider range and higher concentration of alkaloid content. Many people appreciate the improved effects that come from a full-spectrum liquid kratom extract compared with other extracts.

Like other types of extracts, you can find full-spectrum kratom tinctures, shots, capsules, and powders. Remember that a full-spectrum liquid kratom extract or any other type of extract is more concentrated than a regular kratom powder. As such, you will need to consume a lot less of it to experience the same effects as you would with raw kratom powder.



Kratom Guide: What to Expect From a Full Spectrum Extract

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