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Across the globe, many people enjoy using kratom for a variety of purposes. However, as with any botanical, the taste of pure kratom can be bitter. Thus, especially if you’re a beginner and checking kratom out for the first time, you may want to consider mixing your kratom with a beverage.

For example, water and orange juice are both popular go-to mixers for kratom users. But it’s important to understand the effects of mixing kratom with orange juice and how this may influence your experience. 

Let’s take a look at kratom and what you should know before gulping down a glass of orange juice mixed with the substance.

Kratom comes in both capsule and powder varieties.

What is kratom?  

Kratom (also known by its mouthful of a botanical name, Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. For centuries, native cultures have used kratom in spiritual ceremonies and for its soothing benefits. The leaves of the tree are used to make the kratom products now available for purchase.

In Asian cultures, kratom has been used for centuries for both energizing and soothing effects. Locals will often dry kratom leaves to chew, smoke, or brew them into teas.

Kratom products available for purchase utilize a kratom concentrate and are sold in a variety of forms, including capsules, gummies, liquid extracts, and powders. Kratom trees have much in common with their counterparts in the coffee tree family. In fact, some kratom users mix the botanical with coffee for the combined uplifting benefits. 

Examples of verified kratom products  

Sadly, all kratom brands are not created equal. Thus, when mixing kratom with orange juice, other beverages, or, just taking it straight, it’s important that you only use established, verified products that include product labeling and thorough safety precautions.

Similarly, the strength of a kratom product can impact its taste and effects when mixed with other ingredients. Thus, you may want to combine a small serving size of stronger products with your non-alcoholic beverage of choice to determine how the mixture impacts your experience.  

Here are three signs to look for that can help you determine what products to purchase before consuming kratom on its own or mixing it with orange juice:

  • Labels:

Questionable kratom vendors may include additives to their products that could impact the effects the botanical has on your body, and could potentially change the kratom’s reaction to any mixers — including orange juice.

Many of these vendors do not provide a list of ingredients or a labeling system for their products. However, brands like MIT45 offer transparent product labeling that allows you to know the strength of the kratom and its intended serving size.

  • Qualified vendors list:

A great source for all things kratom-related, the American Kratom Association (AKA) advocates for global awareness of kratom, truthful public education on the botanical, provides public resource guides, and supports kratom users.

The AKA website includes the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Qualified Vendors, a list of vetted kratom brands, including MIT45 where every product is processed through an extensive Triple Purification Process, that leads the industry in product and safety standards, transparency, and accurate product labeling.

  • Safety measure features:

Kratom brands that take safety seriously will typically promote the ways in which they test their products. For example, MIT45 uses extensive testing measures to create a Certificate of Analysis for each product, conducts kratom research, and prioritizes safe products and safe kratom use. 

Mixing kratom with non-alcoholic beverages

Kratom products that include additives may not mix well with non-alcoholic beverages.  However, mixing verified kratom products with drinks like orange juice can make taking the botanical easier. 

It’s important to know what types of drinks you can add kratom to, and, depending on the beverage, the possible effects you may experience as a result.   

Is it safe to mix orange juice with kratom?

Any time you mix kratom with a drink, there are some inherent risks. Mitragynine, the predominant alkaloid contained in kratom, may not dissolve in every drink in the same manner. However, the rich antioxidants contained in orange juice can break down alkaloids more easily than drinks without antioxidants or additional nutrients. 

The heavy citrus properties of orange juice can mask the often-bitter taste of kratom and may make powders and liquid extracts easier to absorb. 

Precautions to take before mixing kratom with drinks

Understandably, combining capsules or gummies with orange juice may not provide tasty results. However, it’s important to pay attention to the suggested serving size on a kratom product label before mixing it with any drink. 

Pay attention to how you feel after drinking a beverage mixed with kratom, too. If the effects experienced aren’t desirable, consider abstaining from the mixture. 

Although many non-alcoholic drinks may help to enhance your kratom experience, mixing kratom with alcohol can possibly lead to unwanted effects. As research on kratom and the effects of mixing it with alcohol continues, it’s best to avoid mixing the two until there’s enough data to inform your decision.  

Forms of kratom you can mix with beverages

When kratom is mixed into a drink correctly, it may become tasteless. If kratom liquid extracts and powders prove too bitter for you to take without a mixer, here are some examples of kratom products to mix into your non-alcoholic drink:

Kratom powders provide an excellent way to mix kratom with your favorite non-alcoholic drinks. For example, you can add a smaller serving size of the MIT45 Green Vein Kratom Powder, a great middle-ground kratom product, to your non-alcoholic beverage of choice. 

Kratom powders mixed into drinks should be thoroughly stirred and dissolved for great-tasting results and potential benefits.  

The best-selling Super K Extra Strong packs a punch of uplifting possibilities and each bottle contains 1200 mg of broad-spectrum kratom extract. You can control the taste and possibly manage the effects of this liquid shot by adding a small serving size to your favorite drink. 

It may be wise to avoid adding the Super K Extra Strong to caffeinated beverages, as you may end up feeling over-energized as a result. 

This popular liquid extract may provide octane for your soul in just a single drop. You might choose to add a drop of UltraMIT to your morning coffee, orange juice, or even a refreshing glass of water. MIT45 has fine-tuned this kratom product to create a perfectly blended liquid shot.

Common drinks that kratom might be mixed

Other common drinks to combine with kratom  

Along with orange juice, kratom users have found calming and uplifting results when mixing it with other drinks as well. Some common drinks that kratom might be mixed with include:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Mango juice
  • Tea

Connect with MIT45 

Mixing kratom with orange juice may be a delicious way to take your daily serving size of kratom. It’s important that you only use labeled kratom products from verified brands when mixing the botanical with any drink. 

MIT45 is committed to the utmost safety in every product and offers a wide array of certified kratom powders and liquid extracts that may pair well with orange juice. Shop for MIT45 products through our online store, and visit our blog for the latest information on kratom and its uses.

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