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Is Kratom Legal in Texas?

Learn about State Laws that Impact Consumers

Yes, for all intents and purposes, kratom is legal in Texas. But there’s more to know! Recent changes to the state’s kratom laws stand to have a real impact on the products available for purchase in smoke and head shops throughout Texas.  

We unpack the pertinent details and new regulatory standards below, but the good news for MIT45 customers is that nothing is going to change. 

Given our GMP-certified manufacturing processes, the overall purity and safety of our products, and our longstanding policy banning underage sales, we’ve been compliant with every new kratom consumer protection standard that’s been created since 2019.   

The Texas Kratom Consumer Health and Safety Protection Act 

We’ll be honest we’re not entirely sure when this law went into effect. We know the law was originally passed by the state legislature in May 2023 with the intent of going into effect on September 1st, but Case Text from Reuters reports that the law wasn’t actually signed by Governor Abbot until November 21st. Regardless, we believe the law has now taken effect.  

So, what does the law do? It’s not a long or difficult read. You can find the text on both the state’s House and Senate websites. You can also download PDFs of the new statutes in the Texas Health and Safety Code. More than just what the law says, you can find background information about the Senate’s intent and rationale for passing the law. 

Want Proof Kratom is Legal in Texas? Order MIT45 Products Online Now! 

Our industry-setting products are backed by our money-back guarantee, efficient fulfillment center, and responsive customer support. Texas residents who are 18 years or older can browse our wide assortment of kratom products confident they won’t have any trouble completing their purchase.  

Find the kind of kratom that speaks to you most: 

That said, as dedicated as we are to individual customer success, we’re not prepared to jeopardize our broader responsibility to consumer access at-large. Simply put, we’re not about to get shutdown trying to serve customers in locations where it’s illegal to sell and ship kratom products.  

To this point, we don’t take orders or ship kratom to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, or certain local jurisdictions for precisely this reason.  

As Goes Texas, So Goes the Nation 

They say you can always tell a Texan, but you can’t tell him very much. Well, in this case, Texas listened to the expertise of both the kratom industry and the public health community when passing this law. The state of Texas decided not to wait for the federal government to act. Instead, it joins a growing list of states that have passed kratom consumer protection laws.  

Momentum for this type of legislation is growing at all levels of government—federal, state, and local—but there are still more states without kratom consumer protection laws than those with. For this reason, we wanted to thank the state of Texas for helping lead the way. 

Real Impact of Kratom Consumer Protection 

As with Texas, these laws guarantee people’s access to the benefits of pure, unadulterated kratom and to protect them from tainted or synthetic kratom products with potentially dangerous. Enshrining these protections into law is about more than just sentimental peace of mind. It’s sad to say, but there are some bad actors out there in the kratom industry.  

Mac Haddow told KXAN in Austin that, now that the law has passed and been enacted, that some kratom products will have to be removed by shelves, lest the retailer wants to face potentially enormous fines, given that each individual sale would constitute a separate offense. Haddow explains, “There are some kratom manufacturers in the country that don’t want to go through the good manufacturing practices and don’t want to test their products because it costs money.”  

Got a Legal or Public Health Question? Want to Support Federal Kratom Regulations? 

We’re here to help you stay informed and take action without consuming your whole day.  

No amount or type of regulation is 100% effective in keeping dangerous products out of consumers’ hands. There are a couple of quick and easy ways to check for new updates on potentially dangerous products. 

The Attorney General’s Office  

Use this Texas Attorney General’s webpage to quickly look for local smoke, tobacco, and head shops that sell kratom and are facing legal action related to unsafe products or illegal business practices.   

Office of the Attorney General

PO Box 12548

Austin, TX 78711-2548 


Contact Form 

Department of State Health Services 

Use this search results page from the department’s official website to look for kratom product recalls that may affect consumers in Texas. It’s important to distinguish this website and state agency from the state’s Health and Human Services which is the authority for individual health concerns including applicable regulations for health providers in the state. 

Texas Department of State Health Services

P.O. Box 149347

Austin, TX 78714-9347 

512-776-7111, or 888-963-7111 

Email: [email protected] 

Texas Board of Pharmacy 

We haven’t found any information about kratom on this state government website. And, in some ways, that’s a good thing. The Board of Pharmacy is the state agency responsible for regulating pharmacies as well as the state’s medication and drug classifications.  

George H. W. Bush State Office Building

1801 Congress Avenue

Suite 13.100

Austin, TX 78701-1319 

(512) 305-8000 

Email Us 

In a couple states, the Board of Pharmacy has even explored—unsuccessfully—ways of getting around kratom consumer protection laws to effectively limit or ban kratom sales. 

Share Your Story, Sign the National Petition 

Have a positive experience with kratom to share? Want to help others enjoy the same protections that you enjoy in the Lone Star State? It’s not hard to find out how to contact your federal representatives, but an even easier way to advocate for federal kratom consumer legislation is to use this national petition from the American Kratom Association.  

Where to Buy Kratom in Texas Legally 

Again, we encourage you to browse the MIT45 collection and take advantage of the inherent benefits of buying online.  

If you like ordering online but want to shop for raw leaf kratom in individual strains, we recommend checking out the product lineup from Golden Monk, our sister brand. They do things the right way, including GMP-certification and easily available Certificates of Analysis. 

Want to see what’s available locally? Find Head Shops is one way to search for head shops across the state. Keep in mind, however, that this source caters primarily to vapes and other smoking paraphernalia. So while many of these shops will sell kratom, not all of them do. 

Looking for specific recommendations for the best local stores in Texas? Use our city-by-city guide for MIT45 verified retailers as well as other featured shops. These guides include opportunities to make new friends by finding like-minded kratom fans in your community.   

More Tips for Buying Kratom in Texas and Verifying Quality 

Chances are some trial and error will be needed to find the perfect product for you, but we strongly recommend sticking to manufacturers that are GMP-certified, AKA-approved and, ideally, transparent COA lab reports. Even in states without a kratom consumer protection law, this research tends to be sufficient in avoiding those bad actors we mentioned earlier. 

Don’t overlook the standard consumer research advice. Consider local, online reviews of the smoke and head shops in your neighborhood. Yes, there is some astroturfing out there in the kratom industry, but we still think it’s worth browsing Reddit, I Love Kratom, and other online forums to see what people are saying about various kratom manufacturers.  

After that, consider your lifestyle factors and personal goals.  

Are you looking for clean-feeling energy that lasts your entire workday without leaving you feeling more drained than usual? You probably want MIT45 raw leaf powder or capsules. 

Are you looking for more of kratom’s soothing and comforting effects? Check out either our Super K or Super K Extra Strong shots, but know these products are not for first-timers or kratom-sensitive users. 

Are you looking for a convenient, fast-acting kratom to use as a pre-workout? You probably want one of our other liquid shots, GO gel pouch, or delicious-tasting gummies. 

Drug Testing, Employment Law, and Social Values 

We get a lot of questions that fall into these topics. It’s hard to make guarantees that apply to every individual situation, but here’s what we know.  

Texas is an at-will employment state. This means simply that you or your employer can terminate the employer-employee relationship at any point, for any reason that isn’t explicitly prohibited by law. So, yes, your company can fire you simply because they don’t like your kratom use, but such stories are few and far between.  

It’s possible that your employer could run into one of the isolated news reports making dubious claims about lethal kratom overdoses. It’s also possible that some employees who use kratom may be at-risk of social stigma from their struggles with substance abuse and addiction. 

Better kratom education is crucial for individual consumers, business leaders, and policymakers alike.