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Kratom Legal in Connecticut?

Nestled in the country’s beautiful Northeastern corner, Connecticut is home and host to many. From visitors to Mystic Seaport to Yale University students, the Constitution State has a diverse population with hundreds of different thoughts and opinions. If you’re a resident or a visitor, you may be wondering if kratom is legal in Connecticut. Each state has different thoughts on this botanical, and Connecticut is no different. So, let’s cut to the chase. Yes, as of 2024, kratom is legal in Connecticut.

The Legal History of Kratom in Connecticut

Connecticut, like many other states, has been contemplating regulations for kratom. Currently, it’s legal to purchase and possess, but the product is unregulated. This might seem like a positive for kratom advocates, but it’s not. Advocacy groups, such as the American Kratom Association, are working to ensure that this beneficial botanical not only remains available but is also regulated for the safety of those who enjoy it.

In February 2021, Rep. Quentin Phipps introduced Connecticut House Bill 6333. This bill proposed the regulation of kratom, much like other states that have a version of the Kratom Consumers Protection Act. House Bill 6333 sought to regulate the sale, distribution, and manufacturing of kratom. In short, the bill aimed to:

  • Assign government officials to oversee the kratom industry in the state and to enforce regulations
  • Ensure that kratom products were lab-tested
  • Require that kratom products be appropriately labeled with a list of ingredients, suggested serving sizes, and the name and address of the manufacturer

Unfortunately, House Bill 6333 died in committee. Despite the setback, Connecticut lawmakers have shown their commitment to addressing the regulation of kratom. In January 2023, they made another attempt with Senate Bill 920, which aimed to regulate the sale of kratom to individuals 21 years of age or older. While this bill also didn’t make it past the committee, it’s clear that the issue is not being ignored.

How to Purchase High-Quality Kratom in Connecticut

The issue with kratom being entirely unregulated in the state is that without regulations forcing distributors and processors to label their products with a list of ingredients clearly, those buying kratom have no idea what they’re purchasing and what it contains. This allows processors to add adulterated substances without repercussions.

With this in mind, it’s essential to shop around, do your research, and only buy the highest quality kratom products. With so many vendors selling kratom, you may be confused about what you should look for.

MIT45 is committed to supplying the highest quality kratom products. All of our kratom products undergo rigorous third-party testing, so you can be assured that you are getting the best of the best and exactly what you paid for.

We are honored to be recognized as an American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices Qualified Kratom Vendor (AKA GMP Vendor). We hold this responsibility in high regard, especially as one of the founding members of the AKA.

This accreditation underscores our dedication and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We firmly believe that our commitment to cGMP ensures the safety of our facility, employees, products, and customers.

Kratom’s Legal Status from State to State

Top Five Selling Kratom Products in Connecticut

MIT45 products can be purchased at some brick-and-mortar shops in the state; however, you could be limited by what they have in stock. For the best purchasing experience, we recommend purchasing directly from our website.

Here’s a look at our top-selling products in Connecticut.

Boost Bites

Are you looking for an uplifting boost without kratom’s unique bitter bite? If so, MIT45 Boost Bites are a perfect choice. Each delicious gummy contains 10mg of Mitragyna speciosa extract and 3mg of natural caffeine. Boost Bites are great as an alternative to a cup of coffee or an energy drink.

Black Label Capsules

MIT45 Black Label Capsules are the no-mess way to experience the best that kratom has to offer without the need to measure and mix. Each easy-to-swallow contains 150mg of mitragyna speciosa extract and is perfect to pop into your gym bag to help enhance your workouts. They’re the perfect way to experience all of kratom’s benefits without the bitterness.

kratom products from MIT45

Super K Kratom Extract

MIT45 Super K is the choice of experienced kratom enthusiasts. Each 30ml bottle contains a whopping 500mg of Mitragyna speciosa extract. Perfect for when you’re ready to unwind and relax, we don’t recommend Super K for daytime activities unless you want to chill out alone or with mellow friends.

Green Vein Kratom Powder

If you’re looking for a more traditional experience or one where you have total control of serving sizes, MIT45 Green Vein Kratom Power is an option. Green vein kratom has been called a “middle of the road” variety and is a good choice for beginners and provides a milder kratom experience.

UltraMIT Liquid Kratom Extract

MIT45 UltraMIT Liquid Kratom Extract is the go-to for experienced kratom enthusiasts. Each bottle contains 300mg of Mitragyna speciosa extract and is recommended for 7-15 servings. It can be added to tea, smoothies, juices, and other non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverages with drop-by-drop precision.

FAQ About Kratom

Where does kratom come from

What Is Kratom and Where Does It Come From?

Mitragyna speciosa, more commonly known as kratom, is a tropical evergreen tree that’s native to Southeast Asia in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. For centuries, it was a part of indigenous cultures’ ceremonial purposes and also to enhance the productivity of farmers, fishermen, and others with laborious jobs. Now popular in the Western world, kratom can be enjoyed as tea, gummies, capsules, and extracts.

How Is Kratom Made?

The benefits of kratom come directly from the tree’s leaves. They’re first harvested, and depending on the strain, this can be done early as new leaves or more mature ones. Next, the leaves are either dried in the sun or within indoor processing facilities. The next step is to grind the dried leaves into a fine powder, which can either be packaged or used for further processing.