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Is Kratom Legal in Ohio?

Learn about State Laws that Impact Consumers 

The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no. Ohio has never banned kratom and there are few existing laws on the books governing its manufacture, sale, and consumption. So, practically speaking, kratom is legal in Ohio, but that’s not all you need to know.

There are fewer guardrails than there should be to ensure that the products you’re buying are the pure and high-quality kratom that MIT45 guarantees with every purchase. Learn more about what to watch out for and the details of kratom’s legal status in Ohio. 

Current Status of Ohio Kratom Laws 

Like many states, Ohio previously tried to ban kratom. In 2018, around the same time that the FDA was considering its own federal kratom ban, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy started the process of scheduling kratom. The American Kratom Association and local advocates successfully pushed back against the effort, rightfully claiming there was no evidence that kratom posed a serious public health threat. 

At the same time, Ohio still hasn’t passed a state law governing the production, sale, and use of kratom in the state, but that may change soon. A Kratom Consumer Protection law was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives in 2022. Unfortunately, the Senate was unable to pass similar legislation before the end of the previous legislative term.  

A new form of the legislation was introduced in the Senate last year and has been referred to the House Senate Health Committee. The current legislative term runs through 2024 giving the legislature and governor several months before needing to start the process again.  

Current Regulatory Status of Kratom in Ohio  

In the past, there was some confusion in the state about whether the lack of any laws on the books specifically mentioning kratom made it legal or illegal to sell. Ohio does have existing statutes that say it is illegal to sell food and drug items that haven’t been approved by the FDA.  

While the FDA hasn’t approved kratom to be legally marketed as a dietary supplement or with any type of medical claim, it hasn’t been put on the Schedule for Controlled Substances, either. Legal analysts have effectively argued that, based on current statutes, this is enough to preserve kratom’s legal status. 

Today, despite the lack of a kratom consumer protection law, there are no real concerns about the legality of simple kratom purchases or possession.  

Want Proof Kratom is Legal in Ohio? Order MIT45 Products Online Now! 

We’re not about to get shutdown trying to serve individual customers for whom it would be illegal to ship products. Indeed, we don’t take orders or ship kratom to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, or numerous local jurisdictions for precisely this reason. Check out our wide assortment of kratom products including: 

Got a Legal Question or Want to Be an Advocate for Kratom in Ohio? 

We wish we could provide the kind of information resources that would anticipate every potential query and every nuanced legal and personal health circumstance. If you’re facing a unique situation and you need answers from the applicable state authority, here are your best bets: 

Talk to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. 

As indicated by the preliminary efforts to schedule kratom in Ohio, this is the state agency that sits at the intersection of the health and legal consequences of kratom sales and consumption in the state.

77 S High Street, 17th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215-6126 

(614) 466-4143 

Contact Form 

Search state government websites. 

Seriously, you’d be surprised by what you can find just by visiting the state’s health and legal government websites. We did a simple search for “kratom” on the sites for Ohio Department of Health and the Attorney General’s Office and immediately found the following news releases:  

You can also find basic contact information on these government websites, if you have a nuanced health or legal question that the Ohio Board of Pharmacy can’t answer. 

Contact your state representative. 

This is an oldie but a goodie. The state legislature is actively considering the parameters and political will for passing a Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Ohio. Now is the time to speak up.  

Sign the national petition and share your story.  

It’s not hard to find a general contact form for your federal representatives in Congress, but an even more efficient way to share your views on kratom is to use the American Kratom Association’s online portal. 

Where to Buy Kratom in Ohio Legally 

Until there are state regulations in place for the industry, any retail business that stays in compliance with basic business licensing and tax revenues is likely able to sell kratom. That said, most kratom in Ohio is sold through online orders or local head and smoke shops.  

With smoke shops, there is some business licensing you can check for to make sure you haven’t walked into an illicit store or fly-by-night scam. These shops must apply for a Retail Tobacco and Paraphernalia Sales License. These licenses are administered jointly by the Ohio Health Department, Tax Department, and local jurisdictions. 

The good news is that there’s an easy way for consumers to verify a smoke shop is licensed. Just check the sales floor for the information in the following sign that these businesses must display in their stores. 

You can also find kratom in select gas stations and convenience stores in Ohio, but we recommend calling ahead as these types of locations can be very hit-or-miss for kratom products.  

Tips for Buying Kratom in Ohio and Verifying Product Quality 

There are several advantages to buying kratom online. For one thing, it’s a lot easier to verify you’re buying from a manufacturer you can trust. This starts with looking at AKA vendor certification and a verifiable Certificate of Analysis 

Shopping online also makes it easier to learn more about individual products. It’s awkward enough picking up and reading several product labels in the middle of the aisle, but many manufacturers, including MIT45, put the bare minimum of information on their product labeling. Often, it’s just a logistical limitation. There’s only so much information you can put on a label for a half-ounce shot and still have it be legible. 

Kratom shot manufacturers depend on a combination of online product information and retail sales associates to let their customers know what to expect. Keep in mind, however, that many store clerks have no real expertise in kratom. 

Despite the advantages of buying kratom online, you may not want to wait for delivery every time or your favorite kratom supplier may be temporarily out of stock. It happens, even to the best in the business, like MIT45.  

Most head and smoke shops carry at least some kratom products in their stores. Take just a minute or two to call around and you should be able to find MIT45 products in a store near you. 

Looking for specific recommendations for the best local stores? Use our city-by-city guide including opportunities to make new friends by finding like-minded kratom fans in your community.  

Drug Testing, Work Culture, and Employment Policies 

More than just knowing if they’ll be able to purchase kratom legally in Ohio, many consumers want to know if there will be consequences to their job—or even their careers—if it’s discovered they use and enjoy kratom.  

First, let’s talk about drug testing. In theory, kratom can be detected by a drug test, but the standard drug test panels used by most employers do NOT include kratom screening. Though rare, kratom has also been known to create a false positive for opiate screening.   

So, should you be open about your kratom use with your employer? Most employers won’t consider kratom use grounds for termination, but Ohio is also an at-will employment state. This means your employer can fire you for any reason, or no reason at all, so long as the reason isn’t covered directly by anti-discrimination laws.  

Depending on your job, there may also be no relevant reason to voluntarily disclose your kratom use.  

Social Values and Personal Liberty 

There are numerous reasons why someone may enjoy using kratom. One of the most common reasons our customers use kratom is as a pre-workout aid for their exercise routine. Similar to coffee, kratom is a natural way to support your energy level, mood and productivity.