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From gym rats to amateur athletes to those who only exercise part-time, they all have one big question on their minds: “What can I do to improve my workout?” Many are looking for that magic pill to increase their performance and focus, help them hit their training goals faster, and soothe the sometimes unpleasant post-workout healing process.

If you’re not interested in cutting corners but are looking for something to give you a bit of an edge when it comes time to hit the gym, the running track, or wherever you work out, you may be curious if kratom can help. If this interests you, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, formerly known as Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree indigenous to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and other tropical regions. It’s a member of the Rubiaceae family and is somewhat related to coffee plants. Kratom has been traditionally used for centuries in its native regions for its uplifting and energizing properties and can also provide some comfort from certain types of soreness and fatigue.

The leaves of the kratom tree have interested scientists, researchers, and the general public. They contain some active compounds, primarily alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, that can interact with our brain’s receptors and produce various effects on the mind and body. The amount a person ingests can create different outcomes.

Eons ago, kratom was typically consumed by chewing on the leaves or drying them in the sun and using them to brew a bitter tea. Fortunately, in modern times, kratom can be ingested in capsular form, consumed as a liquid extract, and even as easy and fun to chew gummies.

Use Kratom to Help Boost Your Workout

Can Kratom Help to Boost Your Workout?

If you’ve been left out of the loop and are only just now hearing about the benefits of kratom, it’s not too late to up your workout game. Professional athletes and those just looking to stay in shape may be wondering if kratom is the missing link in their workout regimen.

While there are no hardcore clinical studies investigating kratom’s benefits during workouts, many gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts have reported feeling a little something extra when added to their workout regime. And since some forms of kratom don’t require any extra work before or after your workout, such as measuring out and mixing powders into smoothies or juices, it’s perfect for those who are on the go and don’t want to be weighed down by a time-consuming process. While it can be mixed into a smoothie, it’s not the only method.

Kratom is derived from a naturally growing plant, so there are no worries about adding complex manufactured chemicals and unhealthy additives that are in many of today’s popular workout energy drinks. Many forms of kratom are more natural than some of the products that athletes and those who exercise regularly use.

Purpose of Kratom and Potential Uses

In lower serving sizes, people primarily report their kratom experience as energy-boosting. From feeling more friendly in social situations to supporting focus during self-care, low servings of kratom have many potential uses. The more calming and soothing effects of kratom are generally experienced at higher serving sizes. 

Increased Energy and Focus

You’ll need the energy to perform your exercise routine to avoid injury and get the most out of a workout. If your gym time leaves you exhausted halfway through your list of exercises, some may reach for a caffeinated energy drink. While this may seem correct, caffeine and sugar will peak quickly, leaving you with a fast crash. Combating workout fatigue can be a slippery slope, and that’s where kratom comes to the rescue.

Imagine having the energy to power through the toughest of workouts every time you’re pumping iron, doing aerobic activities, or training for your first marathon. Those who take kratom before a workout report increased energy levels and that extra oomph that helps them get over the next hurdle. This can be accomplished with an MIT45 BOOST energy shot.

Alongside the need for energy to enhance your exercise program, remaining focused on the task at hand is equally important. It’s far too easy to drift into the many stressors of life while working out. This can not only detract from your workout, but it could also lead to injury.

Those who add kratom to their diet before exercising have reported experiencing an enhanced sense of focus along with a pleasing calm that helps them not only stay focused on their workout but also stay motivated. And let’s face it, who doesn’t need a bit more focus and motivation, both in the gym and in our regular everyday lives?

Comfort During Post-Workout Period

Feeling a little run down and sore after a workout is completely natural and all a part of the fitness game. However, those who push themselves to increase muscle mass, lose weight, and push their bodies to reach their fitness goals may feel more discomfort than the casual gym-goer. Staying hydrated and giving your body the time to rest is necessary, but what if there was a way to make the process a bit easier?

One of the benefits of kratom is the easing of the post-workout period. It can be used as a companion to other methods such as a healthy diet and giving your body time to rest. Fitness types who add kratom to their diets claim that after a particularly strenuous workout, one where they truly pushed themselves, they found muscle soreness reduced and much easier to tolerate.

Other Workout Considerations

Remember that other beverages and foods you consume throughout the day may be a source of energy. When you’re consuming kratom, it’s wise to avoid or limit these sources of caffeine to keep your body feeling balanced:

  • Chocolate
  • Coffees and teas
  • Energy drinks or energy bars
  • Medications that contain caffeine (i.e. Excedrin)
  • Supplements that contain caffeine

Since some people are more sensitive to kratom than others, it’s important to remember that the effects of kratom may be different from one athlete to another.

MIT45 provides energizing and uplifting kratom products

Best Kratom for Fitness and Workouts

If your interest has been piqued in what kratom can do for you and your workout, you’re probably wondering which form is best for you. MIT45 has you covered and provides energizing and uplifting kratom products to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals. Depending on your preference, you have a few different options.

Kratom Capsules

A great portable kratom option is the easy-to-take capsules. Available in pre-measured amounts, there’s nothing to mix. Pop them in your gym bag; they’ll always be available when you’re on the go or preparing for your next workout.

Kratom Shots

If swallowing a capsule has your gag reflex in overdrive, kratom shots are the perfect alternative. This concentrated mix is easy to use and won’t leave you feeling full or bloated like most pre-workout energy drinks that take up valuable space in your stomach. Some even come with a dash of plant-based caffeine to energize your workout.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is best for beginners who want to ease in slowly. Its taste can be bitter for some people, so adding this energy-boosting powder to your morning smoothie will give you all its benefits with less bitterness. Another advantage of its powdered form is that first-timers can ease in slowly and discover what amount works best for them.

Give Your Workout the Kratom Boost

Everyone is looking for an edge regarding their personal fitness goals. Adding kratom to their regular workout routine has helped many with focus, motivation, a sense of accomplishment, and confidence. Either used as a pre-workout boost or to help with post-workout rest, adding this naturally occurring plant to your workout may be what your workout is missing.


Annika Weeks

Annika Weeks ("Anni") is a registered nutrition and dietetic technician (NDTR). With expertise as a health professional and experience as a patient in the healthcare system, she hopes to bridge gaps by creating more credible nutrition, health, and wellness information online.