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Have you heard about yellow vein kratom? Maybe you were browsing through some kratom company’s product collection, an online review, or maybe a friend told you about it. Because of the way the industry talks about it, you might believe yellow kratom is its own vein or strain, like Green Bali or Red Maeng Da. In fact, many manufacturers simply find some cheap trick to modify their white or green kratom with no real difference to the kratom user. They then pretend they’ve discovered the best thing since sliced bread. Learn the truth about yellow kratom here and how to choose kratom that can deliver a great experience time and time again. 

What Different Sources Say about Yellow Vein Kratom

Not only is yellow kratom essentially nothing but a marketing tactic, but the industry doesn’t even agree on how to mislead its customers. For example, one of our competitors says that “yellow vein strains get their distinctive coloring from a unique, small-batch drying process.” Another competitor describes yellow kratom as “a general term for a Kratom blend of two or more strains. By mixing strains, you can calibrate a unique experience that includes the best of both worlds.” Still another competitor explains, “Yellow kratom is made by harvesting the kratom when it is in the transition from white to green-veined kratom.” 

Because many blends of different kratom strains, and even single white-vein strains, take on a yellowish hue, it’s an easy lie to tell. Some companies try to make their yellow kratom products sound special, even though there’s no real basis for the idea that they deliver a superior kratom experience. Don’t fall for these marketing tactics! 

Yellow kratom flower on the vine

One of the few parts of the kratom tree that is yellow, the flower, isn’t generally used to make kratom products.

True Kratom Vein Colors

Most every kratom and botanical expert will tell you that the kratom tree has three distinct phases of leaf maturation: white, green, and red. These kratom veins are known for delivering slightly different effects. Rather than some marketing slogan, however, these differences are widely believed to come from the alkaloid content as the leaves change their vein color. Generally speaking, there are slightly higher amounts of mitragynine, kratom’s primary alkaloid, in white and green vein kratom compared to red vein kratom.  

This doesn’t make red vein a weaker variety of kratom, however. Instead, it’s believed there are more of kratom’s secondary alkaloids in red vein strains. While the higher mitragynine levels deliver more of kratom’s energy-boosting effects, the secondary alkaloids likely lead to more of kratom’s soothing effects. 

Avoid the Cheap Tricks with MIT45

MIT45 is committed to consumer education, responsible marketing practices, and our customers’ ultimate success in improving their lifestyle and general sense of well-being. We believe kratom has immense potential to improve people’s lives, especially when it’s high-quality kratom sourced from the best farms in Southeast Asia and with diligent adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  

Several young kratom saplings

Apart from the life cycle of leaf veins themselves, many kratom experts claim that old growth kratom trees deliver the best experience, even though these trees aren’t abundant enough to meet the commercial demand.

More than just shunning the misleading claims of yellow vein kratom, we don’t even market our raw leaf kratom as different strains. Differences in the effects of various kratom strains are greatly exaggerated and can be hard-to-impossible to control from one batch to the next. Along with the age of the tree itself, specific growing conditions likely play a bigger role. Again, we work only with the best kratom farmers who know how to carefully cultivate kratom.  

If you’re looking for a stronger experience from raw leaf kratom, you could experiment by very gradually increasing your serving size until you achieve the desired effects. Just be sure you’re starting with high-quality kratom. We recommend looking to see if a company publishes the lab tests for their products, like MIT45 does with our Certificate of Analysis. 

Extracts: A Better Way to Do Extra Strong Kratom

Kratom extracts are a concentrated form of kratom that can be created through a few different kinds of extraction process. Instead of simple kratom extractions that maintain the same ratio of different alkaloids in kratom leaves and make them more concentrated, more advanced extraction methods allow manufacturers to control the exact levels of select alkaloids in their extracts. These proprietary methods can create significantly different kratom products that individuals may prefer for their unique effects. 

Some MIT45 products, including our namesake kratom shot, use an extract with a 45% concentration of mitragynine. This is right at the sweet spot for many people in terms of how much mitragynine their body can absorb from an extract. Other products, such as BOOST and BOOST Bites, use an extract with a 65% mitragynine concentration that delivers quite the energy boost even from a modest amount of extract. Finally, our Super K and Super K Extra Strong shots use a 30% mitragynine concentration with a higher level of secondary alkaloids that deliver more of kratom’s soothing effects. 


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Marcus Pickett

With over 15 years experience in copywriting and content marketing, Marcus doesn’t stop digging until he’s found the truth. He’s excited to apply his experience in the health and wellness industry to kratom’s unique potential. Marcus is always up for trying something new but has an enduring passion for yoga, hiking, golf, swimming.


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