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As any fitness aficionado knows, it’s not just the workout that’s important. How individuals prepare ahead of time and how they recover afterward also makes a difference. With holistic health and personalized approaches trending, workout supplements are receiving more attention than ever. If you’re a kratom manufacturer or seller, now is the perfect time to take note of industry trends, so you can set some personal (and business) records of your own.    

Wondering what’s trending with workout aids? Use this article’s “pro tips” to help structure your business plan, so you can stay in line with industry predictions. 

What’s on the Horizon for Workout Supplements

In the supplement industry, there seems to be a trendy, new company popping up every two seconds! Fortunately, the workout aid industry is fairly diversified. This means that even if you’re a small supplement shop or kratom outlet, it’s possible to thrive

One key to business wins is identifying what’s rising in popularity. Knowing what’s causing sales to surge can help inform your inventory, and can poise your product lineup for success

You don’t need to spend the upcoming hours, days, or months tracking trends—we’ve already compiled the top ones for you! Here’s what’s trending on the supplement front (spoiler alert: pre-workout is having a moment).

Investing in At-Home Approaches 

On the whole, consumers are becoming more health conscious and the idea of overall well-being. They are more willing to indulge in practices beyond the gym (such as yoga) and are more inclined to spend money on health products (like supplements). 

As with at-home fitness options, people are trending away from relying on regular trips to the juice shop and opting for a “do-it-yourself” approach to health and wellness. With the popularity of at-home exercise activity, people are looking for ways to support both their workout and their recovery from home, too. Customers are drawn to products they can “mix and match” easily according to their needs, like pre-workout powder and protein powder. 

Pro Tip: When assisting a shopper, suggest products that work well together based on their needs. For example, you can suggest a kratom powder for a customer who enjoys a protein smoothie in the morning before their workout. 

Appealing to Different Lifestyles and Life Stages

In line with fitness trends, supplements like pre-workout are also appealing to older audiences. Active adults and young people alike are interested in using pre-workout as part of their overall daily diet (including as part of their meal planning efforts) and to achieve specific fitness goals, such as improving body composition. Pre-workout seems to appeal to a wide range of audiences, attracting both serious athletes and amateurs. 

Pro Tip: Two major consumers of pre-workout, athletes and bodybuilders, are a key part of the MIT45 community. When your clients reveal that these are their interests, consider recommending a MIT45 product to them.

Demand for energy-promoting products is expected to rise.

Demand for Energy-Boosting Products 

Now more than ever, people are looking to exercise regularly, but have less free time and energy to engage in exercise. Along with the time efficient fitness methods suggested above, the demand for energy-promoting products is expected to rise.  

Pro Tip: Both kratom and pre-workout fall in this category, so be sure to clue in on the energy-enhancing potential benefits in your product descriptions. Emphasize how some consumers use kratom to replace popular caffeinated options (like pre-workout energy drinks or coffee) in their routine. 

Clean-Label Products 

Demand for clean-label products is also rising, although the term lacks a concise definition. In essence, people are looking for products they can trust, with transparent supply chains and natural ingredients, that have been sourced responsibly. 

Pro Tip: Like the kratom industry, the pre-workout and supplement industry largely lacks a clear-cut regulatory framework. Being transparent with your customer about where your kratom is sourced and both the potential benefits and effects can help foster trust. 

Segmented Similar to Kratom, With Powders Leading the Way

Interestingly, the pre-workout and supplement markets are split up similarly to kratom, with powder, capsule, and drink categories. Recently, powders seem to be rising above the rest, and have been identified as an area set to skyrocket in sales. This makes sense, since powdered products can be easily stored, and usually only need to be mixed with fruit, natural sweeteners, and your beverage of choice to improve their taste. Ready-to-drink products, which are also convenient for fitness-lovers short on time, follow close behind. 

Pro Tip: Research on kratom products shows that powdered kratom is taking up a big part of the kratom market share, too! Highlight powdered products as a key area of your inventory, along with products that can be easily consumed or added to ready-to-drink beverages. 

A Relatively Even Playing Field 

The good news about the workout supplement and pre-workout industry is that it’s not clearly dominated by a few major players. Instead, it tends towards being a highly-competitive market with lots of candidates competing for success. In other words, instead of constantly fighting the “big guys” or household names, there’s room for everyone to have their shot at success. 

Pro Tip: While a little competition can be healthy, try to make a few friends or find a mentor in the kratom industry! They can give you insider tips on navigating common business challenges or complications while staying true to your core values and mission. 

International Opportunities 

The workout supplement market is going global! Workout aids have attracted interest in many international markets, with multiple sources saying the Asian-Pacific region is poised for fast growth in the years to come. 

Pro Tip: Since kratom traditionally comes from Asian countries like Indonesia and Thailand, you can help customers make the connection between where their kratom comes from and how it ended up in their hands. Not only will this encourage trust and transparency between seller and buyer, but it will educate the customer a bit more on the product they are putting into their body. 

Customers may be interested in seeing how to incorporate kratom in novel ways into their daily diet and fitness routine.

Kratom Has Entered the Conversation 

Kratom is gaining more awareness and acceptance in fitness communities as a workout aid and is likely to gain traction as consumers continue to focus on more natural, holistic ways of fueling their exercise (and lifestyle in general). 

In addition to pushing powdered products, your customers may also be interested in seeing how to incorporate kratom in novel ways. Along with CBD- and kava-infused drinks, kratom-infused drinks and seltzers are expected to gain popularity in the coming years. Increasing your awareness of these options, or even adding them to your shelves, can help you keep up with customer demand. 

Summing Up Workout Supplements 

If you’re not already tapping into the fitness-focused demographic, now is the time to do so. Workout supplement sales are predicted to grow over the next decade, and businesses buying into this sector are believed to be set up for success. For kratom vendors, focusing on pre-workout alternatives, powdered products, and clean-label causes will help grow your customer base.  

Looking to line your shelves with a more natural workout aid? Stock up on kratom so your customers are leaving energized instead of empty-handed. Sign up to be a MIT45 wholesaler today! 


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Annika Weeks

Annika Weeks ("Anni") is a registered nutrition and dietetic technician (NDTR). With expertise as a health professional and experience as a patient in the healthcare system, she hopes to bridge gaps by creating more credible nutrition, health, and wellness information online.


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